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California Considers Eliminating Requirement to Notify Law Enforcement of Suspected Domestic Violence

 Former California State Senator Melissa Melendez, one of the shining sanity beacons in the not-so Golden State’s body politic, tweeted on August 14 that the state legislature is considering a bill eliminating the present requirement of healthcare providers to notify law enforcement when they suspect a patient has, or is, suffering from domestic violence.

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Democrats' #MeToo Double-Standard on Display in Minnesota

High-profile Democrats in the State of Minnesota – including the state’s Governor, are calling on one Democrat State Representative to...

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PODCAST: A Black Nationalist Paramilitary Compound in Georgia and Not a Peep from the White House

A man wanted for shooting a Florida police officer in the head was found, heavily armed, on the Georgia property of a Black nationalist paramilitary group whose mission statement is the overthrow of the US government and the creation of a Black nation bui

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To the Mom Who Left Her Abuser

"To the brave mamas that scooped up her children, without a dime in her pocket or any idea how she was going to make it, and chose to save herself and her family from any more pain at the hands of their abuser—I think you’re brave."

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7 Women on Realizing They Were in an Abusive Relationship

Women explain how they learned to recognize the signs of physical and emotional abuse from their partners, whether on their own or through interventions from friends and family.

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Artist Covers The Scars Of Domestic Violence Survivors With Remarkable Tattoos - Trendzified

Brazilian tattoo artist Flavia Carvalho helps women overcome their violent pasts by transforming their scars into something beautiful. What do you think about her work?

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With #CoerciveControl, the #Abuse Is Psychological

Coercive control is a strategy that relies on manipulation, humiliation and isolation.

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Michelle Beadle questions ESPN giving Greg Hardy a platform | ProFootballTalk

On Monday, ESPN sent NFL insider Adam Schefter to Mississippi for an "exclusive" interview of free-agent Greg Hardy that a grand total of zero other media outlets were angling to get. It didn't go well for Hardy. At least one other ESPN perso

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New Jersey judge dismisses Ray Rice's domestic violence charges

Rice avoided jail time after being accepted into a pretrial intervention program.

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NFL drops hammer on Greg Hardy, suspends him 10 games without pay | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The NFL came down hard on Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy, suspending the new Cowboys end 10 games without pay.

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Ray Rice wins appeal, eligible to play

Ray Rice has won his appeal of the NFL's disciplinary decision.

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Roger Goodell admits he didn't get Ray Rice suspension right, announces new strict policy on domestic violence

In direct response to widespread public criticism over Ray Rice's recent two-game suspension, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell accepted blame in a memorandum to all 32 of the league's owners, introducing a new policy with severe penalties for futu