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You can now share Dropbox files directly in Facebook Messenger | VentureBeat | Apps | by Ken Yeung

Dropbox has launched a new feature that allows you to share photos, videos, and other files directly with people you’re chatting with on Facebook Messenger. The feature is available within Messenger’s iOS and Android apps, and you can either share dir

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Failing To Find Users, Dropbox Will Shut Down Mailbox In February 2016 And Carousel In March | TechCrunch

Dropbox, the file hosting and cloud storage company with 400 million users, has been struggling to hold up its $10 billion valuation in the face of scrutiny..

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The real reason why Apple wanted to acquire Dropbox before it became a $10 billion startup

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston reveals that Steve Jobs and Apple were in love with Dropbox's green icon.