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Democrats accuse Democrats of sexism | WashingtonExaminer.com

After the Democrats’ walloping in the midterm elections, the party went looking for a scapegoat — and they found one in Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett. But as soon as Jarrett began taking the blame for dysfunction in the Obama administrati

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Why a Republican Controlled Congress Is Great For Hillary Clinton and President Obama | H. A. Goodman

There are three reasons why Democrats benefit from a Republican controlled Congress and a country that's placed their hopes on conservative politics to change the course of our nation....

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CBS Insists Midterms Are Indictment Of Both Political Parties

On Tuesday, the folks on CBS This Morning did their best to downplay the significance of a potential GOP-controlled Senate in this year’s midterm elections. Unlike ABC and NBC who provided mostly straightforward coverage of today’s elections, CBS made

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Chris Matthews Pouts at GOP Landslide

A picture is worth a thousand words. Chris Matthews was not happy last night as results from the 2014 election filed in. Below, is a screen capture that says it all.

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No Fluke! 'War on Women' Poster Child Loses in California

Abortion and publicly-financed birth control activist Sandra Fluke has lost her bid for a state senate seat in the state of California.  The brand-new resident of the Golden State lost in a run-off to Democrat Ben Allen, who served on the school board in

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Republican Elise Stefanik is Youngest Women Ever Elected to Congress

Elise Stefanik is only 30 years old, and she will be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Stefanik defeated Democrat Aaron Woolf to win the seat vacated by Democrat Bill Owen in New York's 21st congressional district.

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5 Hilariously Stupid Reactions By Liberals In The Media After Last Night's GOP Tidal Wave

By any account, the GOP gave the Democrats a serious shellacking in the midterm elections last night... gaining at least 7 Senate seats; 12 in the House; and mopping the floor in numerous Governor races. Politico has a great breakdown here.

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Republican Tom Cotton unseats Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas, Fox News projects

With polls about to close, Republicans are aiming for a big election night -- hoping that two years of intensive campaigning will net them the six seats they need to take over the Senate, even as top Democrats vow their ground game ultimately will keep th

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House: GOP steers toward hefty majority in House

WASHINGTON (AP) — Confident Republicans steered toward a hefty House majority in Tuesday's elections, capitalizing on dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama and the nation's pervasive malaise to push their numbers toward the highest levels in 65 ye

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Meet the Republican who may become the youngest-ever woman in Congress | New York Post

WASHINGTON — An upstate New York Republican is slated Tuesday to shatter the congressional record of former Brooklyn Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman as the youngest woman ever elected to Congres...

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Why Are Elections on Tuesdays?

Ever wonder why Americans always vote in federal elections on Tuesdays? According to NPR, there are a few reasons—including a little something to do with the horse and

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Midterm election rides wave of anger at incumbents - LA Times

The costliest midterm election in history draws to a bitter close with control of the Senate tilting toward Republicans even as governors, in red and blue states alike, face a well of anti-incumbent anger from New England to the Rocky Mountains.

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The Nuclear Option: Democrats Win if Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Lose Power Nov. 4

If pollsters are to be believed, Democrats nationwide do not have much to look forward to in next week's elections. There is, however, a silver lining that stands to benefit the party and liberal-leaning voters everywhere in ways that far outweigh the

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Democrats use race-baiting fliers to spur black vote - Washington Times

The spate of campaign fliers that use images of lynchings, Jim Crow laws and the recent racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, to urge blacks to vote in next week's election somehow failed to grab the attention of the National Association for the Advancemen

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La Raza Promotes WaPo Guide To Voting Without an ID | The Daily Caller

The pro-amnesty organization tells people where they can vote without pesky photo ID laws