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Why Our Self-Imposed High Gas Prices Are A Direct Threat To The People

Today the national average for gasoline hit $5 per gallon, translating to $65–$80 a fill-up for the average car. If you still need to be convinced that the pain you are feeling at the gas pump isn’t self-inflicted, courtesy of the Green Movement and t

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Green Energy Not Serving the Needs of Californians Amid Heatwave

In another example of how green energy isn’t ready to be a primary energy source, triple-digit temperatures on the West Coast have forced...

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The Hidden Dangers of Electricity Are a Mortal Threat to Humanity

5G triggers the already overwhelming effects of universal electrification that cause many illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Electricity is driving the biggest illnesses of our tim…

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Israeli Company to Bring Electricity to Remote Villages in Asia

Israeli Company to Bring Electricity to Remote Villages in Asia  Israeli startup Aquarius Engines partners with international telecom giant Nokia to help put its revolutionary generator design out in the field in Asian locations that are off the grid. By

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What Are Capacitors and Will They Really Charge Your Phone in Seconds?

Your phone died. Again. In these scenarios, who among us has not dreamed the dream of a future where our devices charge instantly and last forever. As capacitors—or even more exciting, ultracapacitors—get better and better at storing energy, they coul

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Can capacitors in electrical circuits provide large-scale energy storage?

(Phys.org)—Capacitors are widely used in electrical circuits to store small amounts of energy, but have never been used for large-scale energy storage. Now researchers from Japan have shown that the right combination of resistors and capacitors can allo