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Tips for raising kinder, less entitled kids (according to science)

Nearly all of us have bang-our-head-against-the-wall stories about our kids acting entitled. We’ve tried what feels like everything to stop it, and we still feel as if we’re not quite getting it right. But if we know more about how our kids&rs

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5 Ways You are Teaching Your Kids to be Entitled

Could you be accidentally raising an entitled child? Here are five common parenting mistakes that can lead to entitlement:

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Student demands lifetime supply of Kit Kat bars after buying eight lacking wafers

A British student demanded this week that confectioner Nestle give her a lifetime supply of Kit Kat bars after she bought eight packages, none of which contained the candy's wafer portion, the Daily Mail reported.

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Former UCLA Coach Neuheisel Weighs In On Diddy Incident - Bruins Nation

CoachingSearch.com has one of the more interesting takes on the P. Diddy incident. Former Bruin Coach and Current Bruin Dad Rick Neuheisel discussed the situation on his SiriusXM College Sports...