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Is This One of the Best Nutrients for Your Eyes and Brain?

Published research noted that lutein is found in the brain, suggesting that this antioxidant may have beneficial effects ...

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Why Staring at Screens Is Making Your Eyeballs Elongate—and How to Stop It

How much extra time on screen have you had recently? It may be causing nearsightedness—but there’s hope for reversing it.

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I Tried ‘Eye Yoga’ to Relieve the Strain WFH Is Putting on My Eyes—Here’s What Happened

Could completing ‘eye yoga’ on a daily basis protect your eyes from the impact of increased screen use while WFH? One writer gave it a go.

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Easy Tips to Keep Your Dry Eyes at Ease

Winter can lead to dry, itchy eyes. It’s windy and dry outdoors, and heaters pumping inside don’t offer ...

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Best Kept Secrets to Prevent, Halt, or Even Reverse Macular

Have you ever felt your money was wasted on supplements? That even though you consistently followed the protocol from your health-care practitioner you were not getting the results others obtained with the same program? You may have been right! We've help

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Pictures: Dry Eyes and What You Can Do About Them

Check out this WebMD slideshow for things that make your eyes irritated and uncomfortable, and find out how to treat and prevent them.

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Pictures: 10 Foods That Are Good for Your Eyes

Use this WebMD slideshow to discover an array of foods (beyond carrots) with nutrients that will help your eyes stay healthy now and later.

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13 Eye Conditions That Could Indicate Potential Eye Health Warning Signs

Will your eye condition clear up, or is it a warning sign of a critical eye health issue? Learn about common eye symptoms, what they could mean, what you can do about them, and when to see your eye doctor.

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5 Supplements That Promote Healthy Vision - DrWeil.com

In addition to following an anti-inflammatory diet rich in antioxidants - certain supplements can help maintain the health of your eyes. Try these five: Vi

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Healthy Carrots in Colors of the Rainbow

Carrots come in many different colors, and contain many valuable nutrients that support healthy vision, heart, brain, bones and nervous system.