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How to Feel Better and Practice Self-Care in Less Than 15 Minutes

Feel better fast! If you have 15 minutes, try these ideas to turn things around as you move your body and change your thinking.

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This girl and her dog are both deaf, so she’s teaching him sign language

Julia and Walter were made for each other. They were both born deaf, and when they saw each other at Pasadena Humane…

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Tickling the brain can boost immunity: study

Artificially stimulating the brain's feel-good centre boosts immunity in mice in a way that could help explain the power of placebos, a study reported Monday. "Our findings indicate that activation of areas of the brain associated with positive expec

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Iowa barber gives haircuts to children in exchange for them reading stories to him

DUBUQUE (AP) | Children who read books to a local barber have received a free haircut as part of a community event in Dubuque to help families prepare for the

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5 Lifestyle Secrets For Longevity & Vitality

As a preventive and lifestyle medicine physician and health coach, I truly believe that lifestyle IS medicine! As I work with patients and clients and in my own life, I find it's nice to reaffirm the

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Toddlers With Muscle Disease Get Tiny Wheelchairs So They Can ‘Just Be One Of The Kids'

A group of college students have created a custom-sized, zippy new wheelchair for two kids who are unable to walk or crawl -- and it’s one sweet ride. Five students at Brigham Young University (BYU) developed one of the world’s smalle...