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Starting a business with no money. How to do it?

How to start a business when you don't have capital. Know the financing options you can get.

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Start-Ups Once Showered With Cash Now Have to Work for It

Instead of venture capitalists begging to invest in start-ups, entrepreneurs are begging for cash, and potential investors are making demands.

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Raising Millions With Equity Crowdfunding Will Cost You, But How Much?

Regulation A+ promises to be a game changer for how emerging companies are funded, but mind those attorney and accountant fees.

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4 reasons bootstrapping can be smarter than raising capital

If you don't take early investment capital, you could wind up building a much stronger, smarter company. Here's why.

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Would You Pay $1,000 Once to Get Free Beer for Life?

A brewpub and a coffee shop in Minnesota's Twin Cities have used this one-time payment method to save their businesses. And there's no reason to think the model can't spread.