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Fired for Not Smiling–This is Not a Joke | Workplace Coach Blog

Fired for not smiling--who does that? And what do I do now? Do I have to say "I was fired"? Can I say, "it was a mutual decision"?

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Jokes and Social Media Posts That Get You Fired | Workplace Coach Blog

Jokes and social media posts that get you fired; the chances you'll be fired; what thype of posts are getting others fired; your defenses and risks;

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Unfairly Fired: My Supervisor Set Me Up; Are You Sure About That? | Workplace Coach Blog

Question: My employer unfairly fired me. My supervisor set me up. Here’s the situation. My supervisor texted me. He did …

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Surviving the Dreaded “You’re Fired” Interview | Workplace Coach Blog

How to terminate an employee: surviving the dreaded "you're fired" interview; how to prepare; what to do and say

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If It's My Supervisor Who Creates the Problems, Can I Keep My Job? - Workplace Coach Blog

When it's the supervisor who creates the problem, what recourse do I have if I get fired?

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You Worked for a Crook Who Fired You Abruptly? Don't Waste Time Badmouthing Your Ex-boss; Explore Your Legal Options. - Workplace Coach Blog

After years of hard work, you're fired abruptly for no reason, and he took advantage all along

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21 signs you're about to be fired

Most people are at least somewhat surprised when they hear the words "you're fired." Some are even shocked.