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Surviving the Dreaded “You’re Fired” Interview | Workplace Coach Blog

How to terminate an employee: surviving the dreaded "you're fired" interview; how to prepare; what to do and say

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Firing Without Backfiring, Avoiding the Revenge of the Difficult, Fired Employee | Workplace Coach Blog

Firing without backfiring: avoiding the revenge of the difficult, fired employee: just cause; good faith and 22 questions

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We Just Fired Our CEO | Workplace Coach Blog

We just fired our CEO: five action steps; why CEO's become corrupt

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Zoom and Doom CEO fires 900 Employees over Zoom . . . When Senior Managers Lie & What to Do ABout it | Workplace Coach Blog

Doom and Zoom CEO fires 900 employees in a 3 minute Zoom, what to do if you work for a senior manager who lies

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Netflix Fired 3 Executives for Slack Chat: More to the Story - Workplace Coach Blog

Netflix Fired 3 Executives for Slack Chat: Right? Wrong?

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If Your Employee Won't Admit the Truth, You Need To - Workplace Coach Blog

You know your employee tells little white lies; the ball's in your court, what do you do?

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Can We Fire Employees Who Took Part in the Capitol Building Riots? - Workplace Coach Blog

Employers can fire employees to who took part in the Capitol building riots, unless they were peaceful protestors

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When A Fired Employee Won't Move On, You Need To - Workplace Coach Blog

When a fired employee won't move on & continues to text your employees with lies, send her packing

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I've Been Told Never To Fire An Employee On A Friday; But I Really, Really Want to - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I’ve been told to never to fire an employee on Friday, but I really don’t want this employee back …