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Israeli company leads flying car ‘buzz’ ahead of major tech show

NFT Inc. is aiming for the Model T of flying cars and their prototype, which will be able to take off or land vertically and fly on auto-pilot, will be unveiled in Las Vegas

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Aston Martin reveals flying car that could hit 200 mph | Fox Business

The British sports car maker introduced the Volante Vision Concept at the Farnborough Airshow.

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Uber's Flying Cars Plan | WIRED

Within a decade, 'Uber Elevate' could provide network of on demand, fully electric aircraft.

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The Era Of The Flying Car Has Finally Arrived - Business Insider

Peter Thiel is wrong. His famous comment on the failed promise of the internet — "We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters" — is about to be upended as the first actual flying cars take to the roads and skies.

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Flying Car Concept - This Futuristic Car Turns Into A Helicopter And An Airplane

Arizona-based Krossblade Aerospace Systems is planning to build the world's first practical, flying car. It's called the…