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Aspartame Declared Possible Carcinogen | NaturalHealth365

(NaturalHealth365) Recent study findings prompt WHO to declare aspartame possible carcinogen. Read more about this important update.

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Save Our Bones Bulletin: US Packaged Foods Found To Be “Ultra-Processed”, Triclosan Linked To Bone Loss, Doctors Suf

This month’s Bulletin contains some alarming and sobering news from the worlds of food and medicine. A startling study sheds new light on just how unhealthy and heavily processed most

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Possible cancer-causing additive found in pizza crust, bread and crackers

Scores of common baked goods contain potassium bromate, a possible cancer-causing additive, according to a new analysis by Environmental Working Group . The nonprofit agency found the chemical in 86 breads and other baked goods, including such well-known

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Whole Foods Tops List Of Companies Forced To Recall Food

A new analysis of the FDA's food safety database reveals the most common reasons for food recalls.

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Why processed foods make you fat: two common food additives linked to obesity and gut inflammation

A new study suggests that two very common emulsifiers - chemicals that stabilize foods and stop products like mayo from separating - could increase the risk of obesity and irritable bowel syndrome.