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Loch Ness Monster Existence 'Plausible' After Incredible Discovery

A dig has unearthed evidence that might make the existence of the mythical creature seem less farfetched

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Most complete baby mammoth in North America is FOUND | Daily Mail Online

The calf, named 'Nun cho ga', meaning 'big baby animal' in the Hän language, was frozen in permafrost, resulting in its remains being mummified. Experts found it is a female.

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'Living fossil' fish sports a lung

The coelacanth, an elusive deep-sea dweller long thought extinct, had another item added Tuesday to an already-long list of unusual physical traits: an obsolete lung lurking in its abdomen. Similar to the human appendix, the organ was lik

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Mysterious New Human Species Emerges from Heap of Fossils - Scientific American

Meet  Homo naledi, the newest member of the human family. Its physical traits are weird, its circumstances are unique and its age is totally unknown

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Weirdest Worm Ever? Clawed Creature Finds Its Family Tree

From Yahoo News: When researchers first discovered the fossil worm Hallucigenia in the 1970s, they were so perplexed they identified its head as its tail and its legs as its spines. The finding is surprising because it rewrites the evolutionary history of