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Why George Washington Is Still the GOAT

As we celebrate the founding of the greatest country on God’s green earth, Russian president Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and brutal invasion of Ukraine reminds us that all around the world, others are still struggling to shake off the yoke of imperial

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4 Answers to Questions Every VC Investor Will Ask in Your Pitch

Pitching your business idea to venture capitalists can be very intimidating. Here are four questions they will ask in your pitch and how you can answer them.

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National Archives Abdicates Responsibility of Safeguarding History from the Woke

In a complete abdication to their duty to accurately safeguard history from the destructive eye of time, a questionably empowered “task...

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9 Things Every Founder Should Include in Their Pitch to Investors

If you're seeking an investor for your startup, make sure your pitch deck is focused, quantified, and centered around your unique "secret sauce."

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8 Keys to Building Business Momentum With Limited Resources | Inc.

Sustained business growth is necessary to thrive and survive today, and it won't happen by default.

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Why some VCs prefer to work with first-time founders – TechCrunch

Repeat founders who have a proven track record, good references, and in the best cases, an exit to point to will have an easy time making inroads with venture capitalists. Earlier this week, for example, the former founders of Udemy and altMBA raised more

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Think the Founding Fathers Were a Bunch of Old Men? Think Again

We see them in paintings of the day as a congregation of arthritic old men, drily deciding the terms of the new republic when, in actuality, some were as young as 26.

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5 Reasons Now Is the Best Time to Start Your Own Business | Inc.

GE, GM, IBM, Disney, HP, Hyatt, Trader Joe's, FedEx, and Microsoft were founded during hard times.

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The new startup playbook: It's about avoiding ridiculous 'unicorn' habits | VentureBeat

Suddenly, aspiring to be a ‘unicorn’ doesn’t just seem like fantasy. It feels utterly ridiculous.

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The Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make In Their First (Virtual) VC Pitch Meeting

A pitch meeting with a VC is a huge opportunity. It is the first step on your journey to secure funding for your company and build your dream. To give yourself the best opportunity of securing a second meeting, it is essential that you dedicate time thoro

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As An Investor, Here Is My Best Advice For Startup CEOs

What is your advice for startup CEOs?Answer by Yung Wu, CEO of MaRS Discovery District

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Why now may be the perfect time to start your business, according to the bestselling author of The Lean Startup

The best time to be an entrepreneur is "when everyone is running for the exits," according to The Lean Startup's bestselling author, Eric Ries.

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How Many Slides is A Pitch Deck?

How many slides should be in your pitch deck? Knowing how many slides are best is a typical question the entrepreneur asks. Here's the answer.

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How to raise money – it’s a journey not an event | VentureBeat

Every year I teach classrooms full of students who leave class understanding the basics of how to search for product/market fit — and thinking their next goal is to “get funded.”

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How To Cure Founder's Syndrome | Inc.

When business owners micromanage, it can be a productivity calamity for all involved. But is there a cure?

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Entrepreneur 101: What To Know About MVPs

Businesses turn to MVPs—minimum viable products—to test early-stage ideas and gain valuable feedback from users.

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10 Ways Introverted Leaders Can Master Social Media

Social media allows even the most introverted of leaders to connect and build a genuine foundation with their audience.

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I got 82 rejections to fund my business, here’s what I learned

“Constant rejection can be detrimental, but in my case, it kept me going.” NextChapter founder Janine Sickmeyer discusses how she moved on from hearing “no” over and over.

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Thomas Jefferson's Birthday Replaced With Slave Liberation Day in Charlottesville

On Monday, the city council of Charlottesville struck down the official holiday celebrating Thomas Jefferson's birthday and replaced it with a day celebrating the slave liberation toward the end of the Civil War. This sends a message of ingratitude to UVa

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REPORT: It Will Cost $600,000 To Cover Up George Washington Mural That 'Traumatized' San Fran High School Students

It will cost a San Francisco school district more than half a million dollars to cover up a "controversial" mural of George Washington, after a handful of activists complained that the mere sight of the nation's first president was "traumat

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What Should Every Startup Know About Funding?

What should every startup know about the world of fundraising? This question was originally answered on Quora by Justin Kan.

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5 come-back tips for startups that have run out of cash | VentureBeat

My team encountered every startup’s worst nightmare: We ran out of money. But we were able to survive and are now thriving. Here's how.

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Lessons to Learn from Startups That Failed

According to the Startup Genome report, 70 per cent of startups fail due to premature scaling

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While Every Startup Doesn't Need a Business Plan, Every Startup Does Need This | Inc.

You have an idea for a startup. But do you need a comprehensive strategy and plan?

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5 Leading Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice for Bootstrapping a Business

Work with those you trust, pick the right business, and roll up your sleeves, say Kara Goldin, Tai Lopez, and others.

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'What the hell were we thinking?' Startup founders who landed a $55,000 deal on 'Shark Tank' nearly missed their big break

The founders of Cousins Maine Lobster appeared on "Shark Tank" in 2012 and made a deal with Barbara Corcoran. But when the "Shark Tank" producers originally reached out to them, the founders turned them down — twice — before relenting.

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What No One Tells You About Launching A Startup

I cringe every time I hear someone say that they want to start a company to advance their career. While it’s true that doing a startup is a great way to leapfrog your career, that’s a terrible reason to do it.

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Bedrock Capital raises $122M to fund startups that reject conventional wisdom | TechCrunch

Most investors don’t like to admit that they’re chasing the latest buzzwords or fads or hot companies, but a new firm called Bedrock Capital says it’s on a mission to do the exact opposite — founders Geoff Lewis and Eric Stromberg told me they’r

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23 lesser-known cofounders of the biggest tech companies, and where they are now

We tend to forget that Steve Jobs, Travis Kalanick, and Bill Gates, didn't create Apple, Uber, and Microsoft alone.

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I've Heard 20,000 Elevator Pitches. Here's What They've Taught Me About Getting Funded | Inc.com

Elevator pitches have evolved a lot in the past three decades of startups.

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A Guide To Understanding VCs

My goal is to provide early-stage entrepreneurs with accessible & “no bullshit” insights to understand what VCs do, how they think, what they want...

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How to Win Founders and Influence Everybody

For two and a half decades Margit Wennmachers has quietly shaped the public image of the world's hottest startups. Now she must reckon with the new era of big tech.

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We Toured Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda at the University of Virginia. Here’s What We Learned About Its Secrets Discove

Brian Hogg, senior historic preservation planner at the University of Virginia, thought they had discovered almost everything there was to know about the rotunda on campus, which was originally built by Thomas Jefferson who founded the university in 1819