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Democrats target George Washington in New York City

The Left is out to destroy our nation’s heritage and history, and they are no longer hiding their intentions. The latest attacks are occurring under the guise of social justice and diversity through so-called task forces and city council bills in New York

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Why George Washington Is Still the GOAT

As we celebrate the founding of the greatest country on God’s green earth, Russian president Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and brutal invasion of Ukraine reminds us that all around the world, others are still struggling to shake off the yoke of imperial

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1786: America's First Brush with Islamic Jihad

Exactly 237 years ago today, on March 28, 1786, two of America's founding fathers documented the United States' first exposure to Islamic jihad in an important letter to Congress. One year earlier, in 1785, Muslim pirates from North Africa, or

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5 Lesser-Known Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Some were well-known, but many others were not. Who were these other men, and why were they important?

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Madison’s Montpelier Becomes Race Reeducation Camp

At Montpelier, the home of James Madison, a massive political reeducation effort financed by leftist billionaire David Rubenstein has made it “All About Slavery…

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Reporter says it was ‘super amazing to witness’ Lizzo playing James Madison’s crystal flute

We just wish Lizzo had worn clothes for the occasion.

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America’s biblical roots | Israel National News

Do Jews betray a “dual loyalty” when they support Israel? Absolutely not. Jews who support Israel stand for the very best of our American heritage and our American values.Op-ed.

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George Washington: Indispensable Man

George Washington was respected, admired, even revered by his countrymen, and he was the most trusted man of the age. What is more, and different, he was the most trustworthy man. The question of why this is so must be examined if we are to understand Was

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Trump Was Right: NYC Commission Votes to Remove Thomas Jefferson Statue From City Council

The real reason why the Left hates Thomas Jefferson is for all the things for which he should rightly be celebrated: because he fought against tyranny.

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National Archives Abdicates Responsibility of Safeguarding History from the Woke

In a complete abdication to their duty to accurately safeguard history from the destructive eye of time, a questionably empowered “task...

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The Federal Reserve Falls to Wokeness

In yet another move by the radical Left to “reimagine” our historical culture, the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors issued an edict...

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Think the Founding Fathers Were a Bunch of Old Men? Think Again

We see them in paintings of the day as a congregation of arthritic old men, drily deciding the terms of the new republic when, in actuality, some were as young as 26.

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Do You Understand the Electoral College?

Do you understand what the Electoral College is? Or how it works? Or why America uses it to elect its presidents instead of just using a straight popular vote? Author, lawyer and Electoral College expert Tara Ross does, and she explains that to understand

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Patriotism | Bishop Fulton J.Sheen


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Should ‘Hamilton’ be canceled? Creator says he couldn’t include the ‘sheer tonnage’ of the failings of the characters in a 2.5-hour show

We need to put Lin-Manuel Miranda in his "Hamilton" costume and then pull him off the stage with ropes.

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Honest question: If protesters are canceling George Washington, why does Alexander Hamilton get a pass?

"He bought and sold slaves for his in-laws..."

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George Washington's turbulent retirement

After eight grueling years of war and another eight as the first president, the "Father of Our Country" returned to his beloved Mount Vernon, where his final years were filled with controversy, intrigue, and personal torment

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George Washington's Final Years—And Sudden, Agonizing Death - HISTORY

The Founding Father left the presidency a healthy man, but then died from a sudden illness less than three years later.

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What Would Our Founding Fathers Think of America On Its 243rd Birthday?

On this our Constitutional Republic’s 243rd Birthday, let us consider what our Founding Fathers said about where the destructive and misguided progressives are leading us over the abyss of allowing our nation to fail.

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Thomas Jefferson's Birthday Replaced With Slave Liberation Day in Charlottesville

On Monday, the city council of Charlottesville struck down the official holiday celebrating Thomas Jefferson's birthday and replaced it with a day celebrating the slave liberation toward the end of the Civil War. This sends a message of ingratitude to UVa

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Mayor In His Hometown Proposes Grinding Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday Into The Dust

It is Thomas Jefferson who wrote the words that became a promissory note of freedom for all races that this nation cashed in its own blood.

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Pete Buttigieg Wants Thomas Jefferson's Name Stripped Off Buildings, Honors | Daily Wire

Upstart candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, told radio host Hugh Hewitt that that he supports efforts to remove acclaimed president Thomas Jefferson's name from buildings, honors, and events -- speci

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High School Mulls Removing George Washington Murals Because They 'Traumatize' Students | Daily Wire

A high school in Northern California — George Washington High School, to be specific — is mulling over a push to remove two 83-year-old murals from its hallways. Critics advocating for their removal say they are offensive to Native Americans and Afric

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‘Blatant lie’: CNN replaces #FakeNews with #FakeHistory, uses a distorted James Madison quote in its #RealityCheck s

"The Electoral College is just the latest chew toy for our embarrassing pundit class."

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What Did the Founding Fathers Eat and Drink as They Started a Revolution?

They may not have been hosting a cookout, but they did know how to imbibe and celebrate

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Students petition to eliminate ‘offensive’ Colonial mascot

George Washington University students have launched a petition demanding that the school change its “offensive” mascot, the Colonial.

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Barack Obama, Re-Founding Father

It isn’t just “Obama’s power grabs.” It’s a redesign of the Founders’ original vision.

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What 11 Common Objects Would Cost in 2015 if Colonial Taxation Still Existed | Mental Floss

It’s safe to say the American colonists were pretty upset about the taxes and tariffs imposed on imported goods in the 1760s and 1770s—upset enough to start a war. But at rates like ten shillings or a couple of pounds, the tariffs hardly sound oppressive to modern ears. That is, until you do the math...

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Newly-Declassified CIA Document Says Ben Franklin Was A Security Risk

Benjamin Franklin was a man of many talents—but safeguarding state secrets was not among them. According to a recently released article by a CIA analyst, when Franklin was on a diplomatic mission in France, he allowed his offices to be penetrated by Bri

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What Did Aaron Burr Do After Shooting Alexander Hamilton?

This week marks the 210th anniversary of the Burr-Hamilton duel. SPOILER ALERT: Burr won.