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Social credit system coming to China, with citizens scored on behavior

A social credit system will go into effect next year across China, where every citizen will be scored based on their behavior. Good actions, like volunteering, and bad, like littering, are tracked using algorithms, artificial intelligence and facial recog

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Things You Do Every Day That'll Seem Crazy in 50 Years

A medical futurist predicts some of the shifts that will happen in health care over the next half-century.

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The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation.

“Everything we did, you could program a robot to do it.”

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How Weakness Turns Into Strength

The common reality of life is to focus on what works for you instead of leaping off into a path of abandonment. Why would I focus on anything else other than what I am good at? Who cares if I am no…

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What To Expect: Kris Bryant - BaseballAmerica.com

When Kris Bryant arrives at Wrigley Field, what can fantasy owners expect?

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What to Expect from Tech in 2015 Based on CES, the Year’s Biggest Gadget Show

The annual Consumer Electronics Show hosts so many technology companies debuting so many new products that it often provides a glimpse at the year in tech ahead. Here, Yahoo Tech writers share what they saw at the show, and what they see as some of the ma