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Bob Barker, iconic host of 'The Price Is Right' and animal activist, dies at 99

Barker starred for more than five consecutive decades as a TV game-show host, including 35 as the host of "The Price Is Right."

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When 'The Price Is Right' Offered Elephants as Prizes

The 1950s version of the iconic game show got real weird with some of their prizes.

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Pat Sajak ‘almost lost it’ after contestant questions ‘Wheel of Fortune’ puzzle: ‘Ungrateful players! I’ve had it!’

Host Pat Sajak got a riled up "Wheel of Fortune," Wednesday night, after a contestant questioned one of the puzzle answers.

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Jeopardy! Announces New Episodes With Ken Jennings Date

Jeopardy! will return with new episodes, hosted by Alex Trebek, on September 14. GOAT Ken Jennings also returns as a consultant with his own special video categories.

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What Happens During Jeopardy! Commercial Breaks? | Mental Floss

While 'Jeopardy!' fans are at home wishing the commercial break was over so they can get back to the trivia action, the contestants are preparing for the next stage of the game.

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‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans fume after Pat Sajak seemingly makes mistake

"Wheel of Fortune" fans are calling foul on Thursday’s episode after contestant Angela Evans appeared to come out victorious with an assist from host Pat Sajak.

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Charles Van Doren, figure in 1950s game-show scandals, dies at 93

Van Doren was the central figure in the TV game-show scandals of the late 1950s and eventually pleaded guilty to perjury for lying to a grand jury that investigated them

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Good news, would-be game show masterminds: ABC is bringing back Press Your Luck 

30 years after it originally went off the air, syndicated game show mainstay Press Your Luck is mostly known for two things: Its irritating, cash-gobbling, Noid wannabe mascot The Whammy, and Michael Larson, the guy who set a long-standing record for game

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12 surprising things you didn't know about 'Jeopardy!'

Most Americans are familiar with the game show, "Jeopardy!" (and its iconic music) but there's a lot that happens behind the scenes. From Alex Trebek's real name to the most money ever won, here's some of the most interesting facts about "J

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'Jeopardy!' on hiatus after host Alex Trebek has brain surgery - NBC News

Alex Trebek, 77, is expected to make a full recovery, and he could be back in the studio taping new episodes by mid-January, the producer of "Jeopardy!" said.

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15 Showcased Facts About The Price is Right | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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SEE IT: Model's error wins ‘Price is Right’ contestant a car - NY Daily News

The astonishing blunder saw Colombian beauty Manuela Arbelaez hide in pure horror after mistakenly revealing the sedan's winning price.

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Tonight’s ‘Final Jeopardy’ Was Very Lonely For This Contestant

It took really bad performances from two 'Jeopardy!' contestants to make tonight's Final Jeopardy a one-woman show.