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They aren’t revolutionaries. They’re bigoted brats

The Columbia cranks rant about killing Zionists one minute and demand hot meals the next.

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This Jew Hater Is EVERYTHING Wrong With Generation Z

One of the Columbia protest organizers makes clear just how much he hates Jews; USC cancels its commencement out of fear of protesters; and the Supreme Court...

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Employers, Can You Handle Gen Zers? If Not, Better Get Ready. | Workplace Coach Blog

Employers need to learn to manage/motivate Gen Z employees, who they view as difficult but who now outnumber Boomers. 4 strategies that work.

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Pathetic and Weak: Scrabble Introduces 'Less Competitive', 'More Inclusive' Version for Gen Z

 There is nothing the Left won't touch and completely ruin. Television, movies, books -- you name it. Now, like locusts swarming the next farm, they've moved on to board games.

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PODCAST | We Really Have To Confront The Radical Thinking Of The Far-Left

As a lead into today’s America’s Third Watch program – in which we discuss at length Chuck Schumer’s shameful but full-throated endorsement of interfering in another sovereign nation’s election, among other things – I wanted to play a clip tha

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The Problem With A Gaza Ceasefire

As the Biden administration and the terminally misinformed and under-educated of the GenZ and Millennial generations push for a ceasefire between Hamas and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in Gaza, two glaring truths seem to be falling through the cracks;

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We need to talk about Gen Z’s Palestine mania

There was nothing laudable about Aaron Bushnell’s tragic suicide.

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Over a third of 18-24-year-olds in Britain believe Israel treats Palestinians like Nazis treated Jews, according to new poll

A survey commissioned by CAA reveals daunting rates of antisemitism, particularly among youngest demographic

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Poll: Over 25% of Gen Z Identify as LGBTQ

A new poll suggests that over a quarter of the youngest generation, Generation Z, now identify as some form of “LGBTQ,” appearing to confirm that the phenomenon…

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We Are Losing Generations To Inept Parenting & The Transitioners

In my more recent articles, I have been critical of GenZ, so much so that some of the more thin-skinned free subscribers have dropped their subscriptions to my Substack (I chalk that up to issue bandwagoning). But the fact of the matter is this. I am not

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Majority of Americans 18-24 think Israel should 'be ended and given to Hamas'

51% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 said they believed the long-term answer to the Israel-Palestinian conflict was for "Israel to be ended and given to Hamas

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The disturbing rebirth of Holocaust denial

Surveys suggest ever growing numbers of young people think the historical slaughter of six million Jews is a myth. This is deeply disturbing

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20% of Young Americans Think Holocaust Is a Myth

One in five young Americans say that the Holocaust is a myth, according to a poll released Thursday, and around 30 percent express anti-Semitic views.

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Time To Castrate The United Nations

Thanks for downloading and listening. Before we get into this Monday's edition of America's Third Watch – in which we debate the reality of Bidenomics and talk about the crimes committed by Hamas against the Israeli people, I wanted to point y

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Not Just No But Hell No!

We in the United States are facing a full-on assault against the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, the most important inalienable right possessed by a free people. And while the right to free speech is codified in the US Bill of Rights, this att

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Note by Underground USA on Substack

“...only 29% of students said a speaker who viewed transgender people as having a mental disorder or who viewed ‘Black Lives Matter’ as a hate group should be allowed to speak. Only 43% said an advocate for the abolition of abortion should be allowe

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Five lies US young adults tell themselves about Israel

Here are five misconceptions held by some American young adults that a survey revealed and the necessary information to set the record straight.

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Why My Generation Hates Jews

My peers have been indoctrinated to believe that Jews are oppressors. And so even our mass slaughter is seen as justifiable revenge.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Half of American voters under 35 think that massacre and rape of Jews can be justified

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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'No one is as invested in The Beatles as I am': How Gen Z revived Beatlemania

Modern fans have taken up the mantle of the 60s devotees and have found a home on TikTok and Twitter – they might not scream and invade studios but their love for the Fab Four is just as heartfelt

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Why Did Gen Z Turn Out To Vote Against Their Own Interests?

No one challenges the kids, so they grow up soft and slow, making them the perfect sheep to be manipulated en masse.

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There WOULD Have Been a Red Wave, but One Group Saved the Left From Being Completely Obliterated

The group with the least life experience and the most recent subjection to the Leftist indoctrination in America’s educational system voted as it was brainwashed to do.

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Recruiting Gen Z Employees? Employers, Change Your Ways. | Workplace Coach Blog

Recruiting Gen Z Employees? Employers Change Your Ways; here's what you need to realize & the changes you'll want to make in your recruiting

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Revised Guidelines Redefine Birth Years and Classifications for Gen X, Millennials, and Generation Z

The age ranges and birth years for Generation Z are now included with Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers in Pew Research's official generational definitions.

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Nearly 20 percent of millennials, Gen Z in NY believe Jews caused the Holocaust: survey

Nearly 20 percent of Millennials and Gen Z in New York believe the Jews caused the Holocaust, according to a new survey released on Wednesday.

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'Every kid wants to be an influencer': Why TikTok is taking off with Gen Z - Digiday

Marketers and publishers are still trying to get a handle on why TikTok is so popular among Gen Zers. Six Gen Z marketing consultants and entrepreneurs give their take.

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The New Generation Is Young, Woke And Ignorant Of History | Daily Wire

On Thursday's episode of "The Ben Shapiro Show," Shapiro dismantles Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's claim that the new generation is more knowledgable of American history than previous generations. Video and partial transcript below:

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Where Millennials end and Generation Z begins | Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center now uses 1996 as the last birth year for Millennials in our work. President Michael Dimock explains why.

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5 myths about marketing to Gen Z—from a member of Gen Z | AdAge

Brand loyalty and brick-and-mortar stores? You might want to update your Gen Z playbook.

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Gen Z More Likely to Report Mental Health Concerns

Welcome to the Monitor on Psychology digital edition! This interactive format allows you to easily read, share with friends, and click on web links to get further resources.

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More Than 90% of Generation Z Is Stressed Out | Time

The American Psychological Association's 2018 Stress in America report shows that stress and mental health issues are common in Gen Z.

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3 things to know about marketing to Generation Z

Generation X became Generation Y. Millennials are growing up. And now marketers are shifting focus to "Gen Z" — the next major consumer group, comprised of teenagers who are younger than 19 today. This generation has grown up with full access to the Internet and technology. They're digital natives, and it's even tougher for brands to woo this group and win their loyalty, love and income.