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10+ Heart-Healthy Breakfasts to Help Reduce Inflammation

These breakfast recipes are heart-healthy and packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients like fruits and veggies to help you start your day off strong.

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Here's What Happens to Your Body If You Eat Bananas Every Day

Registered dietitians share five ways the body is impacted if someone eats a banana every day.

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Fat, Sugar, Salt ... You’ve Been Thinking About Food All Wrong | WIRED

Scientists are asking tough questions about the health effects of ultra-processed diets. The answers are complicated—and surprising.

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These Are the Best (and Worst) Foods for High Blood Pressure

Nutrition is a big risk factor for high blood pressure. Incorporate these foods into your diet for better health.

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The Best Way to Cook Salmon — We Tested 5 Methods, and the Winner Was Fast, Easy, and Delicious

In search of meltingly-soft, flavorful salmon, we tested five different methods of cooking it and there was one winner.

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How the White House nutrition conference may tackle Americans' unhealthy diets : Shots - Health News : NPR

The way many Americans eat is fueling chronic disease. Here are seven big ideas from the White House's upcoming nutrition conference for how to improve Americans' diets.

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The 9 Safest Seafood Options

The health benefits of eating seafood are well known, but so are the health risks. In stark contrast to the healthy lean protein and variety of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids found in fish is the threat of contamination with metals, chemicals,

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21 Healthy Vegetarian Dinners You Can Make with 5 Ingredients or Less

Limited ingredients keep these dinners simple to make and easy on your wallet. Shuffle through these recipes to find something for whatever mood you're in, whether it's spicy veggie fajitas, baked eggs or saucy pasta. You only need five ingredients—not co

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Want to Live Longer? A New Study Shows These Diet Changes Could Improve Your Lifespan by *Decades*

Eating well should be effortless, sustainable, and enjoyable. Discover the foods, habits, and practical choices that work best for you.

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32 Heart-Healthy Snacks with 100 Calories or Less

Sometimes you just need a quick bite to help power you through the day, and this mix of snacks is sure to have something you'll love. Whether you need a batch snack you can make for the whole week or a dip everyone can dig into between meals, these recipe

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Shed Up to 16 Pounds in a Week and Never Count Calories Again With This Intuitive Diet Change

Hear about how one woman used an anti-inflammation diet to lose weight quickly and get her health issues under control quickly.

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Surprise! White Rice Is Actually Better for You Than Brown Rice

If you've eat brown rice instead of white rice for health reasons, stop now and read this post! White rice is actually better for you.

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10 Foods You Should Eat Every Week to Lose Weight

Including these tasty, satisfying staples throughout the week can supercharge your weight loss efforts.

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How to know if you have high cholesterol and the best ways to lower it

High cholesterol is often the result of an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, smoking cigarettes, obesity, or genetics. Here's how to lower it.

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26 Healthy Sandwich Ideas That Aren’t Turkey or Tuna

Tired of turkey and cheese on white? Same. Here are 26 healthy sandwich ideas that will change lunchtime forever.

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Healthy 30-minute meals: Moo shu chicken lettuce wraps

Getting bored of the same old chicken dish? Add this Asian-inspired recipe to your rotation.

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The Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat aren't healthier. Fast food's meatless marvels are just P.R.

Whether Burger King's Impossible Whopper or White Castle's Impossible Slider, most of the meatless options aren't healthy ones. So why all the hype?

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5 Delicious and Healthy Bread Swaps To Try

Whether you’re looking to cut back on your bread intake or you’re newly gluten-free, we’ve got you covered.

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113 Vegetarian Meals - Cooking Light

Our healthy and hearty main dishes will have you swooning–sans meat.

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Ask an RD: What is processed food and just how bad is it?

Some foods are more processed than others. A registered dietitian explains what you need to know about ultra-processed foods and how they might be harmful to your health.

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If You've Gone Vegan, Keep an Eye Out For These 4 Nutrient Deficiencies

There are many reasons people go vegan, from wanting to be healthier, to reducing their environmental footprint, to concerns about animal welfare.

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Should You Cut Out Fruit If You’re Trying to Lose Weight?

Here’s the truth about the Mother Nature’s sweet stuff and your waistline

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9 Disturbing Side Effects of Soda

These unhealthy facts about soda may make you question that next soda.

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Eating Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight

A study has found that eating chocolate first thing in the morning for breakfast is actually good for you.

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Pasta isn't fattening, and can actually help you lose weight, study finds

You’d be hard-pressed to find a meal as overwhelmingly demonised as pasta when it comes to weight-loss, but a new study has found that under the right circumstances, it’s not actually that fattening. In fact, pasta can actually help you maintain a...

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Why Crunchy Food Might Help You Lose Weight

Noticing the sound that food makes is the essence of mindful eating, which can help optimize your meals

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11 Food Rules We Can Learn From The Greeks - mindbodygreen.com

The word "diet" comes from the ancient Greek diaita, which means "the way of life." In ancient Greece, a diet was about good health and joyful eating, not radical weight loss. The Mediterranean diet

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4 Amazing Ways to Eat Way More Fruits and Vegetables Right Now | Plated

Here are four suggestions for what to do with all that produce you picked up at the farmers' market but aren't sure what to do with....

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Is Sushi Really Healthy? The 9 Most Popular Sushi Rolls, Ranked by Calories

Sushi's generally considered a healthy food, even when it's been Americanized with a Super Soaker's worth of mayo. So is sushi healthy? Unhealthy? Both.

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11 Foods That Crush Cravings

Squash your appetite before it gets out of control. If losing weight is a goal for you, then you want to make sure you get some soluble fiber in your diet, too. Hydrophilic fibers dissolve and form a gel in the intestines. The gel helps steady blood sugar, which in turn stops food cravings and makes us feel full longer. Being well hydrated also aids digestion. Eat these foods the next time you feel the urge to hit the vending machine.