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When should you eat? It’s just as important as what you eat. | National Geographic

We crave food at night—which made sense back when humans only cared about surviving the day. But science shows that to live longer, healthier lives, we need to...

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Complete Chiropractic Care

The proof is in the pudding (gluten free and organic!) so to speak. Clients keep getting results and referring more patients…

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14 Tips to Get Quality Sleep Tonight | Alan Kohll

Sleep is important. Try some of these tips for better sleep in your own life. Share your favorites with your coworkers so they can get quality sleep and help you have a more productive office environment.

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9 Things You Can Do to Live a Long, Happy Life

What enables certain people to live so long and so well? Author Dan Buettner worked with a team of experts including medical researchers, anthropologists, and epidemiologists to identify the factors that contribute to their longevity.

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Mellow Pastimes Can Be Good For Your Health

You don't have to be out running marathons to get health benefits from leisure activities. Engaging pastimes like reading, sewing or listening to music improved health markers, a study finds.