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10 Signs of Heart Failure You Should Never Ignore, According to Doctors

Shortness of breath, leg swelling, and weight gain could all be signs of trouble.

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Does Hostility Predispose You to a Second Heart Attack? | Health News | US News

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Study: Daily Use Of E-Cigarettes Doubles Heart Attack Risk

Some smokers switch to e-cigarettes in an attempt to be healthier, but according to new research, daily use of e-cigarettes doubles the risk of heart attack. And when combined with daily use of regular cigarettes, the risk of heart attack is five times th

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Heart Attack Pictures: Anatomy Diagrams, Symptoms, and What to Do

Learn the symptoms of a heart attack, diagnosis, treatment options, and what you can do to lower your risk and prevent one. WebMD explains.

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People with higher levels of IgG/IgM antibodies less likely to have heart attack

Measuring antibody levels in the blood could be used to detect a person's heart attack risk after researchers, part-funded by the British Heart Foundation, discovered that higher levels of these antibodies are linked to a lower heart attack risk.

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New Study Reveals Dangers of 'Silent Heart Attacks'

A new Reuters Health study shows severity of silent heart attacks accounting for as many as 45% of all heart attacks.