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Remembering the Heroic Christian Arab Israeli Police Officer Who Sacrificed His Life in Terror Attack

Jonathan Feldstein: One Year Later – the Murder of a Christian Arab Israeli Hero It’s been a year.  I was in Houston, about to go into a TV interview on CTN, and got a text message from my wife. “Did you hear what happened?”  It was an unnerving

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Richard Marcinko, first commanding officer of Seal Team 6, dies on Christmas

Richard “Dick” Marcinko, who was the first commanding officer of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6, died Saturday at the age of 81, according to an announcement from his son.

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Space Force Officer Relieved After Denouncing Marxism, Critical Race Theory in Military

A U.S. Space Force commanding officer was removed from his post after publishing a book that warned of ...

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Texas Supreme Court orders Dallas salon owner released as Abbott bans jailing citizens for lockdown violations

The Texas Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the release of salon owner Shelley Luther, who was jailed for opening in violation of the state's rules, as Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order retroactively eliminating jail time as a consequence

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'Machete' to the rescue: Actor Danny Trejo helps save child trapped in overturned car in Sylmar

Actor Danny Trejo got the chance to play real-life hero Wednesday when he helped rescue a young child trapped in an overturned car in Sylmar.

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Kid bowler, 10, rolls perfect 300 game: 'I hope I do it again' | Fox News

Using a pinkish, purple ball dubbed “The Idol,” a 10-year-old New Jersey boy became the youngest person in state history to bowl a perfect game.

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79-Year-Old Homeowner Greets Alleged Intruder with Shotgun Blast to Both Legs | Breitbart

A 79-year-old homeowner in Benzie County, Michigan, greeted an alleged intruder with a shotgun blast to both legs.

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Armed furniture store owner fights back would-be robber in Indianapolis | Fox News

An Indiana furniture store owner turned the tables on a would-be armed robber last month, pulling out his own firearm and forcing the suspect to bolt.

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Thai cave rescue: Don't forget man who made ultimate sacrifice so that boys, coach could live | Fox News

As we celebrate the rescue of the Thai soccer team – and it is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this – let us not quickly forget Saman Gunan, who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of young people he didn’t even know.

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Indiana state trooper lauded as 'hero' for pulling over 'slowpoke' driver | Fox News

An Indiana State Trooper’s tweet reminding people about the state’s so-called “slowpoke” or “move over” law went viral Saturday.

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Jason Seaman, Noblesville West Middle School science teacher, praised as hero after tackling gunman during Indiana shoot

Jason Seaman issued a statement from the hospital saying "I want to let everyone know that I was injured but am doing great"

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Weekly Blood Donor for 60 Years Saved the Lives of 2.4 Million Babies | Breitbart

An 81-year-old man who donated blood almost every week for 60 years saved the lives of more than 2.4 million babies, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service announced Friday.

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Heroic abandoned dog leads humans to 10 sick, newborn puppies

An abandoned dog is being hailed as a hero after he used a persistent bark to lead passersby to a litter of ten sick, newborn puppies and their exhausted mother.