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Female IDF tank crews ran down dozens of Hamas terrorists on October 7 | The Times of Israel

Channel 12 interviews soldiers from all-woman company within mixed-gender battalion who say there was no time for fear or hesitation, battled terrorists for 17 hours

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Teachers Told to Not Promote Black Lives Matter as UK Cracks Down on Political Bias in Schools

Teachers must not promote “partisan political views” of organisations such as Black Lives Matter to pupils, under new UK government guidance.

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Loudoun County Moms Set Out to Protect Their Children, Now They’re Trying to Save America

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va.—In December 2020, Shawntel Cooper, a mother of two in northern Virginia, noticed something new in ...

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3 unsung World War II female spies who helped make D-Day a victory - Business Insider

These three women were special forces agents who bore great risks to help make the largest amphibious landing in history a victory for the Allies.

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Two Teachers Save Eight Lives by Donating Kidneys | Breitbart

Two separate living kidney donation chains saved eight lives, all because two Florida teachers decided to make a difference.

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Michigan beachgoers form human chains to rescue swimmers, as 2 drown in rough waves | Fox News

Michigan beachgoers formed human chains into Lake Michigan on Sunday to help rescue swimmers caught in rough waves that were blamed for two deaths and three-near drownings.

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What happened with my wife after I saw a young woman do this on a crowded subway train | Fox News

I was getting on the D.C. Metro one day when I saw a young woman do something that caught my eye.

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INCREDIBLE: This Heroine Was Ready To Fly A Suicide Mission To Take Down Hijacked Flight 93 | Daily Wire

The untold story of the woman asked to fly a suicide mission in an F-16 with her commanding officer in order to take down United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 has