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Lego’s New Millennium Falcon Is the Most Affordable Version of the Ship Yet

The new Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon set is under $90. In honor of the Lego Star Wars 25th anniversary, get your set on Amazon today.

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Giving Yourself Time to Love the Things You're Doing

As it turns out, my French lessons were so much more enjoyable when I took the pressure off myself.

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Why Pursuing Your Hobby Can Lead to Greater Success in Business | Inc.com

It may be worthwhile to find some spare time to devote toward your hobbies. These entrepreneurs have done just that and the rewards have reached all the way to their businesses.

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Hobbies, Passion Projects, Skills to Help Your Career: Glamour.com

Some people think passion projects are indulgences, something to squeeze in only when daily work is done. Others feel hobbies detract from on-job performance, preventing us from building skills we need now. But “hobbies are essential for healthy

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Why Photography is Such a Fun Hobby

It’s a simple question. Why am I taking pictures? What’s so special about photography compared to other visual art forms? I’m not writing this to give you...