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What to Do If Your Flight Is Overbooked, According to Experts

Azim Barodawala, co-founder and CEO of Volantio, has some insider tips on how to make an overbooked flight work best for you, even during the high-stress holiday travel season.

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How to Actually Enjoy Your Next Flight. (Or Just Not Hate It.)

Everything you need for a comfortable in-flight experience, from sleep advice to a refresh on passenger rights—and etiquette rules.

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How To Save Money On Holiday Travel - Budget Travel Hacks

With the holiday season sneaking up on us, it's officially time to start making winter travel plans. Whether you're jet setting off for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's, traveling this time of the year is always a crowded and chaotic feat. To avoid holiday price increases, crowded travel time and overbooked hotels, we talked to Cheryl Rosner​, the CEO of travel site Stayful.com, for the best budget tips. Here, six key ways to make your holiday vacation more affordable: