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Holistic Medicine in Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

The effects of chronic pain and fatigue can be devastating. Chronic pain and fatigue plague countless individuals. The effects can be devastating. Oft...

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The Essential Oil That Enhances Memory For Past And Future Events

The aroma of this essential oil also boosts mental arithmetic and long-term memory.

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Evidence Based Practice and Use of Canine Plasma Transfusions

AHVM Foundation, supporting education and research for veterinary holistic medicine

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Science Proves Cats Are Holistic Healers

By Steven Bancarz| Cats can make great friends and companions. And they're hilarious. You can laugh endlessly at some of the cat videos on YouTube. They

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To Relax You, Devices Apply Pressure to Points on the Skull

Devices that apply pressure to certain points in a person’s neck can create a deep sense of relaxation, help prevent migraines, aid sleep and ease chronic pain, say companies that sell the devices. Aches & Claims looks at the evidence