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10 Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes That Will Keep You Warm All Winter | Food & Wine

Homemade hot chocolate is the best thing to drink when it’s just too cold to step outside. Here are a few hot chocolate recipes that will get you through the cold winter months, bonus points for making a boozy hot chocolate.

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Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix - So good! - Southern Plate

This Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix is the creamiest, milkiest, chocolatiest hot chocolate mix you'll ever taste! Great for gifting, too!

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How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate, According to the Experts

The owners and chocolatiers of some of the best hot chocolate sources in New York City share their tips for the perfect cup.

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Buttered Rum Hot Chocolate

Butter adds velvety texture and comforting flavor to this warming cocktail. Omit the rum and it's an equally delicious alcohol-free treat for anyone to enjoy.

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Hot Chocolate with Máchica

Máchica is a sweetened, spiced grain blend that Ecuadorans use to enrich the texture and flavor of drinks. Spanish colonists brought this cooking tech...

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Spicy Hot Chocolate Recipe

Gently seasoned with a touch of chile powder, cinnamon and vanilla, this fragrant hot chocolate recipe is not too sweet and very complex Using both cocoa powder and chocolate gives the roundest, deepest chocolate flavor while a mix of whole milk and cream

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The Best Hot (And Cold!) Chocolates for Cocoa Lovin’ Kids

Here are the very best decadent drink emporiums in town that will delight your kids whether the weather is frightful or delightful.

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10 Delicious Hot Chocolate Mix-Ins | Mental Floss

Winter is coming! Which means it’s hot chocolate season. If you’re tired of boring old hot chocolate with marshmallows, here are 11 different ingredients you can add to the saucepan to change it up.