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Hurricane category isn’t the full picture. Scientists suggest it’s time for a new scale

MIAMI — Nothing drives hurricane experts crazier than the sentiment, “Oh, it’s just a Category 1.” It’s not just an annoying attitude, it’s a deadly one. Hardly a hurricane season goes by without a fresh example of a low-category storm causing

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Tropical Storm Henri: Crews work to restore power for more than 60,000 in the Northeast - CNN

Utility crews are working to restore power to more than 56,000 customers throughout the Northeast after Tropical Storm Henri tore through the region Sunday, causing more than 100,000 customers to lose power at its peak.

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Israeli Startup's Drone, AR Tech Proves Critical For Rescue Missions After Hurricanes | Technology News

Edgybees provides a real-time platform that uses 3D mapping, data, and live video from drones and other aerial platforms to help lead rescue efforts in public safety situations and natural disasters.

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“The Gray Man,” South Carolina Ghost Said to Warn Locals Before Hurricanes, Appears Ahead of Florence

In the past 200 years, locals say the Gray Man has appeared before each of the five hurricanes to make landfall on Pawleys Island.

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How to Move a Million People Out of a Hurricane's Way | WIRED

After years of planning, officials have just a few days to get their citizens to safety.

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A Requiem for Florida, the Paradise That Should Never Have Been - POLITICO Magazine

As Hurricane Irma prepares to strike, it’s worth remembering that Mother Nature never intended us to live here.