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‘FFS’: Cadbury’s comes so close to ending racism with their new ‘Unity Bar,’ but they made a pretty major mistake

Attention, everybody. Racial harmony is at our fingertips … literally. And it’s all thanks to Cadbury’s:

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Jon Cryer declares that Trump’s tweet about Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Israel is ‘an impeachable offense’

All that matters is that Donald Trump tweeting out his two cents is grounds for impeachment. Just ask noted constitutional law expert and “Pretty in Pink” and “Two and a Half Men” alumnus Jon Cryer:

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‘An Incoherent Truth’? If AOC’s Green New Deal documentary happens, it’s gonna have ‘a hell of an ending’ �

If you thought AOC’s 7-minute look at our future under the Green New Deal was terrifying and self-aggrandizing and unwatchable, can you imagine what she’d do with a whole damn documentary?

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Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Senator’s ‘Critical Thinking,’ Does Not Go As Planned | Daily Wire

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) embarrassed herself on Monday after she tried to attack Sen. Rick Scott's (R-FL) "critical thinking" abilities over comments Scott made but was unable to understand that Scott was being sarcastic.

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AOC knows the REAL reason her popularity has taken a dive (bet you can't guess!)

"Isn't it possible people just don't like you?"

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NOW there's trouble: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just noticed John Cornyn's Mussolini quote

Of course she doesn't comprehend that his tweet was a warning about her and her policies.

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WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Gets Compared To 'Cash Me Outside' Girl From Dr. Phil

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) channeled her inner Danielle Bregoli on Friday — the "cash me outside" girl from Dr. Phil — during a talk at a "Girls Who Code" event in New York City.

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CNN's Van Jones Compares Jussie Smollett To MLB Star Jackie Robinson: ‘The Fall Of An Icon’

While many have associated "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett's name with potential felony, Van Jones of CNN has a very different name in mind: MLB icon Jackie Robinson.

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WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Doesn't Understand Difference Between Berlin Wall, Border Wall

Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggested late last week that she does not understand the difference between the Berlin Wall and President Donald Trump's proposed border wall.

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Ocasio Cortez: ‘The World is Going to End In Twelve Years If We Don’t Address Climate Change’ | National Review

She warned that climate change would “destroy the planet” by the year 2031 if people fail to address a generational challenge she likened to “Word War II.”

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Mixed-race family asks Blue Bell Ice Cream to change flavor name to be more inclusive - CBS News

A family from Louisiana with both black and white children is asking Blue Bell to change the name of the flavor "The Great Divide" to be more inclusive

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Cornell Student Presents Senior Thesis In Her Underwear - The Dennis Prager Show

The most remarkable thing about the title of this column, “Cornell student presents senior thesis in her underwear” is that not one reader thinks it’s a joke. That, my friends, is further proof of the low esteem in which most Americans hold our univ

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No, a new bill wouldn't 'literally' ban Bible sales in California but debate rages

Despite proof of the contrary, false claims that a bill in California will ban the sale of Bibles continue to spread online.

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Seattle Residents Complained About A 'Confederate Flag' In Their Town Square. It Was Actually The Flag Of Norway.

Over the weekend the Seattle Times jumped at a news tip: there was a Confederate Flag flying beneath the American flag in the city's Greenwood neighborhood and residents were very concerned.

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Pelosi: My Grandson's Birthday Wish Was To Have Brown Skin, Brown Eyes; "Face Of The Future Of Our Country" |

During an extended speech on the House floor Wednesday morning, where she read a long list of profiles of DACA recipients, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was reminded of her own grandson: NANCY PELOSI: I'm reminded of my own grandson. He is Irish, Englis

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Frontier flight attendant gives list of armed passengers to customer

A man traveling on a flight from Chicago to Phoenix this past Sunday got a note from a flight attendant. She thought he was a Federal Air Marshal, and she told him there were two armed passengers on the flight.

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Pennsylvania college students demand new moniker on building named 'Lynch' after ex-president | Fox News

Students at a small Pennsylvania college are demanding that administrators rename a building called Lynch Memorial Hall because of the racial overtones of the word lynch. The building is named after Clyde A.

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Roselle Park councilwoman quits over 'Christmas' tree lighting | NJ.com

Roselle Park Councilwoman Charlene Storey resigned from office minutes after the council voted to include the word "Christmas" in the tree lighting ceremony.

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Kansas University: Student Senate Bans 'His/Her,' Calls Pronouns a Microaggression | National Review Online

Trigger warning: This article contains several gender-specific pronouns. The Kansas University student senate has voted to banish gender-specific pronouns such as “his/her” from its Rules and Regulations document because they’re “microaggressions” against the students who don’t use them.

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View Co-Host: Blame ‘Puppet Masters’ Controlling Bush for Allowing 9/11, Not W

George W. Bush was too dumb to be held responsible for 9/11 happening on his watch, according to View co-host Michelle Collins on Monday. In an attempt to somewhat defend the former president from attacks by Donald Trump, Collins spewed, “You canno

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Donald Trump is threatening to skip the next debate - Yahoo Finance

From Yahoo Finance: Donald Trump is considering skipping the next presidential debate if certain demands aren't met...

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Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy

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The struggle to be taken seriously in the age of subtle sexism

Blake Dodge: I have the utmost empathy for my male peers. But for every “pretty and smart” comment I get (and for the ones that aren’t even that flattering), for every patronizing inflection and for every inadvertent power grab at my exp

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UCLA Paper Apologizes For Saying Women Menstruate

The daily paper at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has issued a disclaimer with a recent article preemptively apologizing for saying women menstruate. The article in The Daily Brui

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Mika: Sanders' Rape Remarks Irrelevant, But OK to Attack Santorum If He Had Written Them

Mika Brzezinski just can't contain her liberal bias. On today's Morning Joe, Mika admitted that the the MSM has a double standard when it comes to reporting controversial things that Democrats and Republicans have done or said. Yet she promptly

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Four MSNBC Stars Do Not Pay Their Taxes - Breitbart

National Review’s Jillian Kay Melchior reported Wednesday that, along with Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry, two more MSNBC stars are not paying their fair share of taxes. Touré  Neblett, co-host of “The Cycle” owes the IRS a cool $59,000.  J

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Media Covering Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign | Washington Free Beacon

As Hillary Clinton's Mystery Machine van drove into Monticello, Iowa, the assembled media turned into a crazed, sprinting horde resembling a crowd of Justin Bieber fans.

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WATCH: President Uses Selfie Stick, Utters 'Thanks Obama'

In a new Buzzfeed video, “Things Everyone Does But Doesn’t Talk About,” President Barack Obama makes funny faces in a mirror, poses with a selfie-stick, and pretends to shoot hoops.

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Liberal Diversity: All Four 'View' Hosts Bash Catholic Church

For a show called The View, the program's hosts on Friday all have the same opinion: The Catholic Church needs to change. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg highlighted pop singer Ariana Grande's decision to leave her church because of alleged intolerance towards he

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Hipster Cliches - How To Spot A Hipster Neighborhood

The term "hipster" might have lost all meaning, but there are still parts of town that can clearly be identified as such. Here…

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Kristen Stewart Trashes the Military, Defends 9/11 Terrorists in 'Camp X-Ray' Interview

During an interview with The Daily Beast, actress Kristen Stewart indicated that terrorists at Guantanamo Bay are misunderstood and that joining the United States Armed Forces is the job of a simpleton.

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'Jeopardy' Criticized as Sexist for "What Women Want" Category - Hollywood Reporter

What is an ill-advised Jeopardy category? To some critics, the answer was on display during Monday's episode. The venerable quiz show is under fire after a category called "What Women Want" has been slammed as sexist by critics and Twitter users

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Don’t look now State Dept.’s Marie Harf, you are being schooled! (Her latest idiocy is enraging) [photos] | Twitchy

State Dept. sets its laser-like focus on ... (Hint: Not ISIS)

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Professor Bans College Students From Saying ‘Bless You’ In Class

One professor at the College of Coastal Georgia has banned students from saying “bless you” in his class.

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Obama's Harvard mentor compares Brown shooting to MLK assassination

The Harvard Law professor who mentored President Obama and the first lady during their time in Cambridge has compared the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown to the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Kardashian sisters blasted for ignoring Michael Brown VMA moment of silence

Kim Kardashian and her younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, appeared genuinely uninterested in a moment of silence held in honor of murdered teen Michael Brown and the civil unrest occurring in Ferguson, Mo.

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HuffPo Reporter Mistakes Earplugs For Rubber Bullets | Truth Revolt

There are no words to describe the absolutely incompetent tweet by Huffington Post “Justice Reporter,” Ryan J. Reilly, who tweeted a photo of cheap foam earplugs and asked, “I believe these are rubber bullets, can anyone confirm? ‪#Fergurson”

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Don't let American feminists or comedians see this!

Perhaps the most sexist car insurance company I never heard of until today, Sheilas' Wheels in Britain, unveiled last week its ideal highway — with bright pink-painted lanes just for the ladies. And it's not a joke. Sheilas' spokesman, Andy Sommer (yes,

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Minnesota Restaurant Adds 'Minimum Wage Fee,' Angers Idiots

Capitalism is mean. Turning a profit is bad. If you give people more money, they'll have more money. More money is good. And if you tell your customers that

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MSNBC Host Says ‘People of Color’ Oppose Israel; Gets Promptly Buried By DEMOCRAT Congressman

Regardless of one's views on Israel and the Mideast, do we really have to bring race into the debate?

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Comedian Dean Obeidallah: Conservatives 'love seeing Arabs get killed'

Comedian Dean Obeidallah has the Israel-Hamas conflict all figured out, at least from the liberal comedian point of view.

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Thomas the Tank Engine had to shut the hell up to save children everywhere

Tracy Van Slyke: Classism, sexism, anti-environmentalism bordering on racism – any parent who discovered these hidden lessons will be glad that the show’s star just quit

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School Cancels ‘Y.M.C.A.’ Performance After Parent Complains It’s Racist | Mediaite

Has Y.M.C.A. ever struck you as a racist song? Well, one North Dakota parent believes it is, and her complaint got Bennett Elementary School to pull the song from the school's talent show in May.