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VERY URGENT: The fertility crisis in mRNA countries is deepening

Why will no one investigate the plunge in births since 2021?

Health & Fitness | Covid vaccine

Birth Rates Plunge in Heavily Vaccinated Countries

In many countries, births drop sharply nine months after peak COVID vaccine uptake. Let’s look at how this happens. And will these populations recover?

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Fertility Impacted by Male Depression

Struggling to conceive can be a distressing process for prospective parents, but new research indicates that it may be important for the men in these relationships to keep a positive mindset.

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Should young women sell their eggs?

There is little research on the long-term effects of egg donation.

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My Son Is Not 'Synthetic'

I'm not saying you have to agree with anyone's decisions to pursue their fertility options. If you feel it's wrong, that's your choice and means that you should not go through treatment. But to impose your beliefs on anyone, to dismiss children that ...