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The Reason You Shouldn’t Kill the Spiders in Your House, According to an Entomologist | Mental Floss

Even if you don’t usually see them, spiders are likely always in your house. And they’re paying rent, sort of.

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Insect Apocalypse

The drumbeats of doom began in late 2017, after a German study showed that the total mass of local flying insects had fallen by 80 percent in three decades.

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Mosquito Repellents That Work Explained With Pictures

Mosquito bites are itchy, annoying, and can even make you sick. Find out what works (and what doesn't) to protect you from these blood-sucking bugs.

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Newfound spider species masquerades as a dried-up leaf

In the animal kingdom, sometimes the best survival strategy is to pretend to be something you're not — either to ambush unsuspecting prey or to convince predators that you're not very tasty

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Invisible Bugs Are Falling From the Trees in Kansas City—and They Bite - WSJ

Kansas City, Mo., is seeing an invasion of tiny itch mites, falling from oak trees at a rate of up to 300,000 a day per tree, causing bites that can be more painful than poison ivy.

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Transform Caterpillars Into Butterflies With a Simple Click

These interactive photos invite you to turn these caterpillars into moths and butterflies.

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Giant, snake-eating centipede spotted in Texas | MNN - Mother Nature Network

This fanged monster bug provides proof that everything really is bigger in Texas.

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The World's Most Deadliest Animals You Don't Know About

Everyone talks about sharks and snakes, but there is an abundance of other dangerous animals on Earth -- meet the world's deadliest animals you don't know!

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Found! First Known Predator To Lure Prey By Mimicking Flowers

The orchid mantis, which resembles a flower, takes on this appearance in order to lure in prey, researchers say. In fact, orchid mantises are even better at drawing in insects than some actual blossoms;