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PODCAST: Biden's Intellectual Property Giveaway; Redistribution of Wealth for the World

Intellectual property right protection is mandated in the US Constitution, but the Biden administration has waived that protection and is set to give away the rights to COVID research and technology. In the end, who gets screwed and who pays the price?...

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Biden Gives Away Intellectual Property Rights; The World Donates COVID Vaccine

The idea of suspending the intellectual property rights related to COVID vaccine technology was floated by India, South Africa, and China...

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Biden Violates Constitution in Attempting to Give Away Intellectual Property Rights

President Biden has made a unilateral decision to usurp the constitutional protections of American intellectual property (IP) rights...

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How Intellectual Property Can Create an Income Stream Even When You're at Work - from #ThePowerofPassiveIncome

Using intellectual property to your advantage can become the perfect side hustle, one that generates income even when you're not around.

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Unless you have a patent or some proprietary technology, you’re gonna be in trouble.

A look at one of the nation's first classes for undergraduates on intellectual property.