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iOS 17.2 has well over 50 new changes and features, but these five are my favorite [Video]

A walkthrough of my top five features in iOS 17.2, including Journal, setting default alerts, Focus filter for Music, and Sticker Reactions.

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Organize Your iPhone: How to Hide an Entire Page of Apps on Your iPhone

We’ll discuss how to organize and edit your home screen so you can instantly remove a category of apps in bulk from your iPhone home screen.

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How to clear RAM on iPhone | Tom's Guide

iPhone stuttering and sluggish? Learn how to clear memory on iPhone

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iOS 16.2 Has 36 Huge Changes You Need to Know About Before Updating Your iPhone « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple's next big software update includes an entirely new Apple app, a controversial change in the TV app, better Siri control, an improved Shortcuts app, interesting Safari upgrades, Apple Music Sing, and more. Keep reading to see what iOS 16.2 has to of

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Newer iPhones Allow You to Measure Someone's Height Instantly — Here's How - MacRumors

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models feature a LiDAR Scanner next to the rear camera that can...

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How to Record Video With Background Music on iPhone - MacRumors

This article explains how to record a video on iPhone while playing music from any app. Keep reading to learn how it works. Have you noticed that...

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How to take screenshots on any model of iPhone and iPad

Want to save what's on your screen? Check out the quick and simple steps to take screenshots on any model of iPhone and iPad.

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10 Tips to Have Secret Text Conversations on Your iPhone

While Apple works on its privacy features for text messages, you can use these tips and workarounds to have secret conversations on your iPhone.

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How to Remove the Background From Any Image on iPhone

Apple's Visual Lookup feature makes it so easy to remove the messy background from your photos. Learn how to take advantage of it.

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How to add Pokémon GO Egg and Buddy Widgets to your Phone | Pokémon GO Hub

The Greedy Gluttons event brings with it a brand new sort of bonus for an event in Pokémon GO, half hatch distance for the first three incubated eggs of the event, BUT, only if they are incubated using the Pokémon GO Egg Widget. If like me you said… �

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Your iPhone's Files App Just Became Badass with Its Latest Productivity Update « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

If you're not using your iPhone's Files app yet to manage images, documents, and other files on iCloud, third-party cloud services, or your local storage, it's time to start. Apple's built-in file manager is finally a powerhouse with many tricks up its sl

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iOS 16: 10 settings you need to change right now! | Macworld

Whether you're getting an iPhone 14 or updated an old phone, these changes will make iOS 16 better.

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Why didn’t anyone tell me about this iOS screenshot trick? - The Verge

There’s another hidden touch gesture in iOS that will make your screenshots better. A TikTok video has highlighted how you can hold down on scribble and circles in iOS screenshots to make them neater.

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What Apple learned from skeuomorphism and why it still matters | AppleInsider

Apple's focus on skeumorphism changed a decade ago in iOS 7. Here's why Apple started and stopped using it, how it evolved, and why it's still important to interface design.

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iPhone 'Other' storage: what is it and how you can delete it

From what the iPhone 'Other' storage function actually is to what it holds and how to clear it, here's everything you need to know to free up space

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IOS Savvy

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Miffed security researcher finds way to get Apple talking, drops three iOS vulnerabilities

Almost six months after reporting the first vulnerability to Apple, a security researcher has gone public to reopen lines of communication with Apple.

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iOS 14.5 Lets You Stop Ads From Tracking You—So Do It | WIRED

Facebook and other advertisers fought the move, but App Tracking Transparency is finally here.

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Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks That Will Make You an iOS Expert

Apple's iOS is a pretty user-friendly mobile operating system, but there's plenty of hidden power under the hood. These tips will help you become a true iPhone guru.

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iOS 14.5 makes zero-click exploits ‘significantly harder’ according to security researchers

Amid the other new features in iOS 14.5, Apple has also implemented changes to how it secures the code running in iOS. As reported by Motherboard, the changes Apple has made behind the scenes here will make it harder for hackers to develop zero-click expl

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Your phone’s home screen can hold more than just apps. Here’s what else you should add.

You spend a lot of each day staring at your phone's home screen, so it better be a good one.

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How to check iOS app privacy details for iPhone and iPad

This detailed guide with screenshots walks through how to check iOS app privacy details, what they are, and where to find them.

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Back Tap: Automate Your Life with this Handy iOS 14 Feature

Exploring the features of a new OS release is like visiting a part of the world you’ve never seen before. One feature I recently discovered in iOS 14

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The Best Hidden Features of iOS 14

A new OS for your iPhone is here, and with it comes a slew of under-the-hood tweaks and tricks for power users, from better ways to organize your chats to accessibility features that are useful for everyone.

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How to make the most of iOS 14 widgets and iPhone home screen customization | TechCrunch

TechCrunch - Reporting on the business of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley

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Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS

Twitter has announced a new feature that lets users attach audio snippets to their tweets. Audio tweets are available first on iOS "for a limited group of people" but will become available to all iOS Twitter users over the next few weeks.

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GO Field Guide - Pokemon GO Events, Countdown Timer, Raid Guides, Egg Hatch List and much more

GO Field Guide tool is made to assist you in playing Pokemon GO, It has up-to-date information for all Events along with local time, Raid Guides, Research task and rewards, Egg Hatch list, Checklist and much more

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8 paid iPhone apps you can get for free on November 7th – BGR

This is as big of a collection of free apps as we've found in weeks, and there are some quality download here as well. If you're up for a quick gaming session, need to edit some photos, or want to put your top contacts into a convenient widget, we've got

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Old iPhone users must update software in order to access web, emails and more, Apple warns - ABC News

Apple warns that those still using an iPhone 5 must update their iOS or lose access to many apps and the app store.

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7 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on October 10th – BGR

We've got some terrific paid iPhone and iPad apps for you to check out on Thursday that are all on sale for free. We had to dig through hundreds of apps to find them, but these seven iOS apps represent the best premium apps of the day that are available a

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Warnings Issued For Millions Of iOS 13 iPhone Upgraders

Apple's biggest release of the year is plagued with problems and iPhone owners need to stay away...

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5 iPhone settings to change now

If the last time you really messed with your settings was when iPhones still had home buttons, then you're probably missing out.

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7 paid iPhone apps on sale for free on August 7th – BGR

Samsung might have the floor today since it's announcing its new Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 flagship smartphones, but we still have a little something in store for all the Apple fans out there: paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free! You'll fi

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7 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on July 23rd – BGR

Did you miss our roundup on Monday of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free? Well, there are actually still a few freebies left in there so definitely go back and have a look if you missed it.

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Apple just released iOS 12.4 for the iPhone and iPad – BGR

It might not be quite as exciting as Apple's iOS 13 beta, but the company just pushed out a new software update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. iOS 12.4 comes about two months after the initial release of iOS 12.3, and it mainly focuses on bug f

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The 10 most exciting hidden iPhone features in iOS 13 – BGR

Apple spent plenty of time on stage during its WWDC 2019 keynote presentation earlier this week discussing all of the biggest new features it added to iOS 13.

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New in Pokémon GO 0.145: Jirachi Encounter, Charm, Giga Impact, Dynamic Badges and More! | Pokemon GO Hub

Pokémon GO 0.145 has been released for Android. Data Miners have found code for Jirachi, new moves in Charm and Giga Impact, and much more!

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Apple to warn iPhone users about update impact - BBC News

The tech giant must tell customers if a software update will slow down their iPhone, UK regulator has said.

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Apple iOS 12.1.4 Release: It's A Big One

Apple iOS 12.1.4 has appeared and iPhone owners must install this essential upgrade...

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An iPhone Cursor Trick Shared on Twitter Is Blowing People’s Minds

After a Twitter user shared an iPhone cursor trick she spotted on Facebook, users are astounded — and sharing their own tricks and hacks.

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The magic iPhone wallpapers that make your dock and folders disappear are back – BGR

More than two years ago, an Apple enthusiast who goes by @heyeased on Twitter made an iPhone wallpaper that would end up becoming one of the biggest crazes of the year.

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Apple's News app draws 90 million regular readers

Sure, Apple includes its News app on iOS devices and Macs, but how many people actually flip through it on a regular basis? Quite a few, it seems. As part of...

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TapeACall Lets You Record Phone Conversations on Your iPhone Like a Pro

If you've ever been on the receiving end of a threatening phone call, you'll immediately know the value in being able to record phone conversations on your iPhone. Beyond that extreme example, however, recording calls is still an extremely useful

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Useful iOS 12 Tips and Tricks | Digital Trends

Apple's iOS 12 mobile operating system introduces a ton of new features, with more options to help boost productivity on your iPhone. But updating to a new operating system can be overwhelming, and we're here to make the adjustment far easier with some us

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Apple has now sold almost 2B iOS devices | TechCrunch

As usual, Apple used its annual iPhone event to provide us with a few fresh stats about the state of its business. The most important one came right at the start of today’s event.  Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company is about to sell its 2 bi

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Apple might kill off sophisticated iPhone tech that took 5 years to develop – and I’m glad – BGR

If Apple adds a new key feature to its iPhone lineup and Android vendors don't bother copying it, one can safely call that feature a dud. The only exception I can think of off the top of my head is Apple's Taptic engine that provides enhanced vibration fe

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iOS 12 'doubles down' on performance for iPhone and iPad

Apple has debuted iOS 12, bringing better performance to older devices, augmented reality, and more to iPhones and iPads later in the year.

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Messages in iCloud: Everything you need to know

Messages in iCloud is a great upgrade to Apple's messaging platform, working across both iOS and macOS devices. AppleInsider takes a deep dive on what Messages in iCloud can do, how it works, and where it has limitations.

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The Hidden Camera Level in iOS 11 - TidBITS

iOS 11 quietly introduced a camera level that helps you take pictures that don't suffer from skewed sides. Read on to learn how you enable and use this subtle feature.

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Apple iPad review (2018): A little better, a little less competition

The tablet business has been tough in recent years, but last year Apple found a hit in its low-cost iPad. Its admirable performance and battery life made up for...

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Apple introduces a cheap 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support | TechCrunch

Apple is holding a press conference right now in Chicago. And the company unveiled a brand new device — well, sort of. Apple is going to sell a brand new 9.7-inch iPad that works with the Apple Pencil. Before today, only (more expensive) iPad Pro models

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David Pogue's Rated:App: Human Anatomy Atlas 2018

Yahoo Finance's David Pogue reviews Human Anatomy Atlas 2018, an app that gives you an interactive, incredibly detailed, medically accurate jaw-dropping 3-D view of the human body.

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Apple addresses iOS source code leak, says it appears to be tied to three-year-old software

Earlier this week, iOS source code showed up on GitHub, raising concerns that hackers could find a way to comb the material for vulnerabilities. The material is gone now, courtesy of a DMCA notice Apple sent to GitHub, but the occurrence was certainly not

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Here's How To Check The Battery Health Of Your iPhone, Reliably And For Free

Apple made billions in hiding the fact that it was slowing down the performance of an iPhone with an aging battery, pushing people to buy a new phone rather than a new battery.

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Apple previews iOS 11.3’s new Animojis and battery service warnings

More big news out of Apple this morning. The company’s offering up a preview of what’s to come in the latest version of its mobile operating system. The..

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Apple will address kids’ iPhone addiction with enhanced iOS parental controls

Apple has a response of sorts to activist shareholders concerned about kids' addiction to iPhones: Enhanced parental controls are coming to iOS.

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Before you update to iOS 11 here's how to check which apps won't work

For users of Apple's iOS the imminent arrival of a major new update to the mobile platform is generally a moment of high excitement.

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Everything Apple will introduce at tomorrow’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X event

Tomorrow morning, the collective eyes of the tech world will be laser focused on Apple's special media event where Tim Cook and co. will introduce a slew of new iPhone models, a next-gen Apple Watch and a completely revamped Apple TV. Set to kick off at 1

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The iPhone 10 years in: Everything that's changed from 2007 to 2017

News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel.

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Sega will start releasing its classic games as free mobile apps

Sega is launching a new mobile gaming initiative called Sega Forever, the long-lived publisher announced today. Under that banner, the company plans to bring loads of games from all eras of its 30-year history to Android and iOS devices as free-to-play ap

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Hidden feature in iOS 10.3 will make living with 16GB iPhones a lot easier – BGR

Apple earlier this week released a bunch of updates for its various mobile operating system, including iOS 10.3, the next major upgrade for iPhone and iPad. We already showed you some of the best features of iOS 10.3 and explained why the iPhone will sudd

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How to Use/Scan QR Code With Chrome on iPhone 3D Touch Shortcut

Very fresh trick you can know here, update your iOS chrome browser that lets you to scan QR code with chrome on iPhone 3D touch shortcut.

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PlayStation games coming to Android and iOS | WIRED UK

Sony is planning to revive earlier PlayStation classic for a new life as apps and games on your mobile

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How to add more storage to an iOS device

Can't fit all your music, movies, documents and other stuff? Before you spend money on a higher-capacity iPhone or iPad, read this.

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12 reasons I still wear my Apple Watch every day

After 12 months and 1 day, my Apple Watch is still a constant companion, keeping me on time, on track, and more aware of the world around me.

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You can now control your Android TV from your iPhone

Android TV is getting a virtual remote on iOS. As with Android version of the same app, it works via Wi-Fi to connect to your Android TV and provides a vir

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Microsoft's new iOS app serves up news stories based on your job

Microsoft released News Pro, a new iOS app that uses Bing News to deliver personalized feeds of news based on your profession.

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Is iOS 7 making you feel sick? Here's why - NBC News

Apple's new iOS 7 software is apparently making some people seasick on solid ground. Experts on motion sickness say the sharpness of the screen and the motion of the icons may be partly to blame.Users who have upgraded to iOS 7 are reporting nausea,

Visual Arts | Design

Assembly for iOS is a graphic design app for beginners and pros alike

Assembly is an iOS app that makes graphic design accessible, regardless of your experience or lack there of. Ok, so it’s not going to be winning you any pr

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How the iPhone and iOS have changed over the years - Business Insider

Apple's mobile software has changed a lot since the first iPhone was unveiled in 2007.

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Watch 7 years of iPhone evolution in one hypnotic GIF | VentureBeat

Has it really been only seven years since Steve Jobs first walked on stage and gave the epic demo of the first iPhone?

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9 awesome paid iPhone apps you can get free for a limited time

Yesterday's list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free was one of the best lists we've published in a while, and a few of them are still free downloads if you hurry up and follow this link.

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12 best iPhone apps of 2014

From killer new productivity apps, to some of the most addicting games to ever land on the iPhone, you'd be forgiven for not being able to choose the best offerings of the year.

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How I use iOS apps to manage my calendar and daily tasks — Tech News and Analysis

Last week, I looked at how I use my iPad to manage my notes. This week. I’m going to look at how I use iOS to manage my schedule and task items.

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I Spent A Week Switching Between The 2 Best Big-Screen Phones In The World ...

For the past week I've been switching between what will end up being the top two phablets around: Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4, which launches this week in the US, and the iPhone 6 Plus, which has been out for about a month.

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The greatest myth about phones is that you are in control | The Verge

In the human-machine relationship, you, fellow Homo sapiens, are commonly designated as the owner, operator, or otherwise dictator of the subservient device in your possession. Consider, however,...

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iOS 8 Features: iOS 8 tip that will change the way you use Messages

Mobile messaging apps are incredibly hot right now, as evidenced by Facebook's recent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. As popular as various cross-platform solutions like WhatsApp, LINE, Snapchat, Kik and others are becoming, Apple's own first-party a

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Al-Qaeda prefers Android over Apple's iOS (really)

A new report by intelligence firm Recorded Future examined Al-Qaeda's changes in encryption in response to the Snowden leaks, noting "an increased pace of innovation, specifically new competing jihadist platforms and three major new encryption tools from three different organizations - GIMF, Al-Fajr Technical Committee, and ISIS - within a three to five-month time frame of the leaks."