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Israeli aid team in Morocco saves lives

The United Hatzalah delegation on the ground in Morocco is treating some 150-200 people a day, according to the organization's director of French operations.

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9/11 and the New Antisemitism

9/11 has continued, it is still happening; it is not over yet. And antisemitism has been rejuvenated. Who would have thought? Op-ed.

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Op-Ed: The Palestinians Set Israel's Own System Against Itself

Israel's Civil Administration is well aware of the hostile takeover of its land but is choosing not to enforce its legal mandate.

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Israel is Beyond the “Moment of Truth”: The Escalation of Palestinian Terrorism

The month of August saw continued escalation of terror in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Israel. The Hamas leadership (Saleh al-Arouri from Beirut and Hamas leaders from Gaza) continues to encourage Palestinian terrorism in the West Bank and to develop the

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36 Israelis murdered in 2023: The biggest death toll since the second intifada

3 terror attacks in the span of 12 hours. 36 Israelis murdered in terror attacks in 2023 so far. What is causing the rise in terror attacks? i24NEWS Correspo...

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When the US refuses to say ‘Palestinian’, the condemnation is irrelevant

Condemnations matter only if the Biden administration is prepared to name the party that is being condemned.

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Israel: Special course teaches drivers how to respond to terror attacks

Shurat Hadin holds course teaching Israeli drivers what to do if they face stone-throwers, shootings, and tire burnings.

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BBC News reports an “attack on a car”

As is inevitably the case, the BBC failed to describe a fatal shooting attack against Israelis as terrorism in its own words.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Legally Varda (Judean Rose)

A legal change of name means a lot when you're a Jew in Israel, changing your legal English name to your true Hebrew name, for good.

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Rabbi Leo Dee: When will the world stop funding murderers who killed a kindergarten teacher?

The Palestinian Authority is the main financial backer of the terrorists who killed my wife and daughters and have continued their campaign of murder in the West Bank

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The Oslo disaster 30 years on

Thirty years after its euphoric launch, the ‘Oslo peace process’ between Israel and the PLO stands as the worst calamity to have afflicted Israelis and Palestinians since the 1948 war, and the most...

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There is no such thing as an Israeli ‘settler’ in the West Bank

Jews meet the UN definition of indigenous people. Therefore, they are not “settlers,” and the places they live are not “settlements.” So why are there “Arab villages” but “Jewish settlements?”

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Israel's leadership never cared about the Sbarro bombing victims

This dismissive attitude toward the victims of terror has persisted over the years as the following events illustrate.

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Conservative values can unite a divided Israel

This is the path forward for Israel, a path that respects the diverse identities of its citizens while upholding the principles of a Jewish and democratic state.

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Are We Seeing BLM 2.0 in Israel?

I’m in Jerusalem, where it’s 10:30 p.m., and I am seeing what looks like the early BLM demonstrations version 2.0 outside my window.
At 9 p.m., Ben Yehuda Street was beautiful and joyous. The area tha...

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Israel is Not a Racist State, in Theory or in Practice

U.S. Representative Pramilla Jayapal’s recent statement that Israel is a “racist state” is both false and dangerous.

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Britain's current transparency approach is morally wrong - editorial

The British government is refusing to disclose whether it has safeguards in place to ensure that its aid to the PA is not underwriting the obscene “pay to slay” policy.

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There's no real debating with reform opponents

  You are a nice person, but you don't really understand the judicial reform, Lt. Col. (res.) Oren Shvil told

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Elder Of Ziyon - “Pro-Palestinians" justify their intransigence and hate in revealing response to my cartoon

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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The Jenin Operation Showed That Israel Preserves Life

Over the past week, the unfolding of the Jenin operation has sparked concerns about potential violence near Israel’s populated areas. Thankfully, the IDF achieved an exceptional level of success, accompanied by an unusually low casualty rate. Official rep

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American vs. Israeli Patriotism

The 4th of July is a time to reflect on what Israel can teach America about love of country.

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Israel is the second-most pro-America country in the world, poll finds

Israelis have a more positive view of the US than Americans by some measures.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Sides Now: When Officials Lump Terrorists Together with their Jewish Victims

The moral equivalence drawn between terrorist and Jewish victim is especially abhorrent when it's drawn by US officials.

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'We're approaching Palestine,' Ryanair announces on Tel Aviv-bound flight

A passenger was threatened with arrest for trying to photograph flight attendant who repeatedly announced that the plane was going to land in Palestine.

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Former IDF chief: Israel killed hundreds of ISIS terrorists

Gadi Eisenkot said that Jerusalem was asked to act by an unspecified third party, and that the activity spanned “many more than one country.”

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Four Arab-Israeli conflict myths shattered by one terror incident

The confrontation between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian Arab terrorists in Jenin on May 29th might seem to have been a routine incident.

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Palestinians' Preferred Candidates: Terrorists Who Want To Kill Jews

For the 87-year-old Abbas and his Fatah faction, the victory of the Hamas supporters was not only humiliating, but also a reminder that when it comes to dealing with Israel, many Palestinians prefer terrorism over diplomacy. The Hamas-affiliated students

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Ahlam Tamimi’s 16th victim

American-Israeli Chana Nachenberg, 31 at the time of a suicide bombing at a Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001, died after all years languishing in a coma while attack mastermind Tamimi lives freely in Jordan.

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Stop the lie: Israel never ethnically cleansed Palestinians

The Palestinians repeatedly make the false claim that Israel expelled 700,000 of them en masse—and stole their homeland.

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Can Israeli resilience inspire alienated Americans?

After months of divisiveness, the country immediately united in the face of incessant rocket fire. Will a community unwilling to fight antisemitic progressives learn that lesson?

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Palestinians blast European Commission president for saying Israel ‘made desert bloom’

The Palestinian Authority denounced the remarks as “racist” and demanded that the European Commission president apologize.

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1,660 Israelis dead since Palestinians’ promise to end terror

If you believe in peace, history has proven nothing can be achieved without putting a permanent stop to Palestinian terror.

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It's Not ‘pro-Palestinian’ to Justify Killing Israeli Civilians

The European Left and Human Rights Groups Fail to Deal Seriously With Their Bad Apples Who Legitimize Targeting Israeli Jews, Whether They’re Settlers or Not. Instead, Those Voices Build Their Social Clout by Claiming That They’re Being Silenced, Smeared

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The price Israel pays for its existence

Too few in the west grasp why this terrible toll continues to rise

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Israel’s protests cross sacred red lines

The battle is existential and reflects a similar struggle in the west

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Huwara victim shot terrorist - even after being shot in the head

Israeli man shot in the head at point-blank range by terrorist managed to return fire, wounding the terrorist.

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Fiddler on the Roof star Chaim Topol passes away at 87

Chaim Topol is well-known for his role as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof for which he won a Golden Globe.

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UNPACKED: 5 Things You Thought You Knew About Israelis, Debunked

UNPACKED: 5 Things You Thought You Knew About Israelis, Debunked While there are many misconceptions about Israel and her inhabitants, five common stereotypes center around Israeli culture, religiosity and politics. In a country with a richly diverse popu

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'I want progressives in the US to understand that the Palestinians are oppressed by Palestinians'

  With the enormous media pressure facing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government over the proposed judicial reform, new Public Diplomacy

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The Mossad's Top 10 Operations | Honest Reporting

From capturing Eichmann to rescuing Ethiopian Jews, a guide to the top 10 operations undertaken by Israel's notorious spy agency, the Mossad.


Jewish UFC Fighter to Kanye West: ‘If You’ve Got a Problem with Me or My People, Come See Me, Bro’

Following his Saturday night victory against Genaro Valdez at UFC Orlando, Jewish Israeli UFC lightweight Natan Levy slammed rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West’s recent antisemitic rants, stating, “If you’ve got a problem with me or my people, come see me

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The Gat Brothers - The Sound Of Silence

מופע התנדבות - מתוך המשדר "לתת" - ערב ראש השנה התשע"ה

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The latest BBC reporting on the Munich Olympics terror attack

All but one of five BBC radio and written reports relating to the Munich Olympics massacre carefully avoided the words terror and terrorist.

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Online Platform Could Face Lawsuit for Selling Video Game That Lets You Slaughter Israelis

The online gaming platform Steam could be taken to court for its refusal to take off the market a video game that allows players to slaughter Israeli soldiers and perform acts of terrorism, an international legal group told the Washington Free Beacon.

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Why are Israelis So Happy?

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Why are Israelis So Happy? It’s been a rough week for Israel with several terrorist attacks – similar to many such in the past. All the more reason to ask a seemingly perplexing question: why does Israel continually sco

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Voices From Israel: Bruria Efune, a Mother of Four From Be’er Sheva

‘Your heart is racing, but you need to show your kids that you’re calm. . . ’

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UNPACKED – Who Are Israelis, Really?

UNPACKED – Who Are Israelis, Really? What you may not know about the vibrant society that makes up Israel is that day to day life in Israel is so much more than the narrow keyhole view that much of the world understands! Israel is a democratic state

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UNPACKED - Why Do Israelis Love EDM?

UNPACKED – Why Do Israelis Love EDM? In this final episode of Israel Phenomenology, Chloé takes another look at Israel’s music scene and asks why Israelis are so hardcore about electronic dance music (EDM). With its repetitive beat, it can seem l

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Steve Kramer - Who Are the (Jewish) Israelis

Steve Kramer – Who Are the (Jewish) Israelis There is concern today by many in Israel that some Israelis are unappreciative of their Jewish heritage. Author and journalist Shmuel Rosner has challenged this by suggesting a new paradigm for most of us

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Should American Jews Speak Hebrew? – Tablet Magazine

Before 1948, David Ben-Gurion used to joke about Zionism’s future: How will we know when we have become a real country like the rest of the world? When Jewish thieves and Jewish prostitutes conduct their business in Hebrew—and Hebrew-speaking policeme

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Man Allegedly Flashes Female Jogger. She's A Former Israeli Soldier. Then This Happens. | Daily Wire

Last Thursday morning, a single mother of two was jogging along Memorial Drive in Cambridge, Massachusetts when she was allegedly flashed twice by a man running the other way, who didn’t know one crucial fact about the 6’1” woman:

She was a former soldie

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel June 2 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 2 2019 The highlights include: Israelis are testing a new treatment for incurable blood cancer. Surgeons at an Israeli NGO have saved their 5,000th non-Israeli child. Jews in Hebron hosted an Iftar feast fo

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Two female Israeli engineering students help bring clean water to Uganda

Two female Israeli engineering students help bring clean water to Uganda h/t Israelfirst Two female Israeli engineering students help bring clean water to Uganda; Two young Israeli female students Selda Edris and Mayes Morad build purification device for

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BBC Erases Non-Israeli Jews from Entebbe Hostages | HonestReporting

The BBC's story of the Entebbe crisis counts 94 Israelis, erasing the non-Israeli Jews also held hostage. Rather than correct, the BBC doubles down.

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18 Little-Known, Amazing Things About Israel As It Turns 71!

From the largest dog cemetery to kosher stamps, we rounded up some more obscure but fascinating facts about the country ahead of Independence Day

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Taking Care Of Business: Essential Tips On How Best To Work With Israelis | Technology News

Organizational consultant Osnat Lautman wrote the book on Israel's unique business culture and how to navigate it.

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Here’s why, despite it all, Israelis live longer

An average lifespan of 82.5 puts Israel in the top 10 countries for longevity -- ahead of the US, with its 78.7 years

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Israelis Stand in Silence to Remember Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism

An IDF soldier and a friend stand still as a one-minute siren marking Memorial Day is sounded across Israel, at …

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Arabs Throw Stones at Ambulance Carrying Bodies of Murdered Boys

According to multiple reports, Arabs stoned the IDF ambulance that was carrying the bodies of the murdered Israeli teenagers. The ambulance was forced to stop, its windshield shattered. According to The Algemeiner: