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Jews, Muslims, Liberal Humanist-Optimists, PEN Boycotters, Beware: Voltaire Is Laughing at You

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris last January, the angry French marched not only in the streets but also into the bookstores, where they transformed Voltaire’s Treatise on Tolerance, published in 1763, into a best-seller of 2015. Such

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Islam Gets Special Treatment - Dennis Prager

Since 9/11, the Western world’s academic, media, political elites have done their best to portray Islam in a favorable light, treating it very differently from all other religions. Criticism of every doctrine, religious or secular, is permitted, often e

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'All is Forgiven': Muhammad Cries on New Charlie Hebdo Cover - Breitbart

Earlier today, the attorney representing French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo announced that, "obviously," Muhammad would be depicted as a cartoon on the cover of the magazine this week. In the first issue since radical Islamists killed 12 in

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Obama, Kerry absent from unity rally in Paris - CNN.com

The heads of England, Germany and Israel were there.But President Barack Obama didn't attend a unity march in Paris on Sunday, days after the deadly attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Nor did his secretary of state, John Kerry, who has deep ties to France.

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Despicable: BDS Leaders Promote Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory Linking Mossad to Charlie Hebdo Atrocity | Jewish & Israel News A

The anti-Semitism at the heart of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel was again laid bare yesterday, as prominent activists from the campaign took to social media to advance the conspiracy theory that yesterday’s terror

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Je suis Charlie, Je suis Ilan: why is this different?

As thousands of Israelis waited for the snow to fall yesterday in Jerusalem, parents found themselves attempting to entertain......

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French Islamist mini-states grow into problem beyond government control

A backdrop to the massacre in Paris on Wednesday by self-professed al Qaeda terrorists is that city officials have increasingly ceded control of heavily Muslim neighborhoods to Islamists, block by block.

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Charlie Hebdo shooting: Who are the suspects? - CNN.com

With an intense manhunt unfolding in France, one of the suspects in the deadly terrorist attack in Paris has reportedly turned himself in.

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Candles raised, heads bowed: World stands with Paris after attack

Demonstrators in cities across France and other major European cities showed their solidarity with Paris following a terror attack on Wednesday.