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Pictures: 16 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Joints

Your joints link bones together so you can bend your knees, wiggle your hips, and move your body. Learn how you might be preventing your joints from working their best.

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Pictures: Why Your Joints Are Stiff and How to Help Them

You use your joints to bend, touch, type, drive -- to do just about everything. Find out more about what can make your joints stiff and what you can do about it.

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Joint Health: How to Tell if Your Supplements Are High Quality

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who experience joint pain, you probably know that the market is awash with supplements for joint health—Amazon alone has over 10,000. But not all brands live up to their promises. Some joint supplements don�

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5 Surprising Ways to Give Dogs The Joint Support They Need

Dog joint pain is common, especially in older animals. Here are 4 telltale signs of joint pain and stiffness and 5 natural ways to help relieve it.

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Fluoride: An Unknown Cause Of Disease In Dogs - Dogs Naturally Magazine

Fluoride can be found in your tap water and your dog's food. Find out how to minimize your dog's risk of fluoride exposure.