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Entitled Karens Getting Put In Their Place - REACTION

Entitled Karens Getting Put In Their Place - REACTIONSUBSCRIBE! https://bit.ly/2DxtJhMINSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/charlaychaplinTWITTER: https://twi...

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The dark side of wellness: the overlap between spiritual thinking and far-right conspiracies | Health & wellbeing |

Extreme right-wing views and the wellness community are not an obvious pairing, but ‘conspirituality’ is increasingly pervasive. How did it all become so toxic? By Eva Wiseman

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'Disney Karen' Jonathan Vanboskerck slammed as racist s**thead for saying 'wokeness is ruining the experience'

'You're a mediocre, racist, misogynistic manbaby,' one Twitter user slammed Vanboskerck

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Mask-Refusing Woman Who Tried to Shame San Diego Barista Now Suing Creator of Viral GoFundMe Page

The man who created the viral “Tips for Lenin” GoFundMe page is being sued by the San Diego woman who tried to shame the Starbucks barista online for following COVID-19 safety protocols and refusing to serve her.

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The 'I'm terrified' part was last video's winner. Here's her solo performance.Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3f6QSFuInstagram: http://instagram.com/andreantunesmu...

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Crazy A$$ Karen At The Polls Catches Beatdown After Confronting Black Woman

Y'all know what time it is ... Roll it! Crazy a$$ Sheri McClatchy, A Mississippi election commissioner confronted a Black woman but she wasn't prepared for w...

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Marine Reacts to Karen - Call Your Manager Now!

Marine Reacts to Karen. The Ultimate Karen Compilation. Are you Kidding ME. Call your Manager NOW. For More Train Wreck check out this Video - https://youtu....

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Santee customer berates Starbucks barista when asked to wear a mask

The incident took place Saturday at the Starbucks located on North Magnolia Avenue in Santee.

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KAREN screams at dunkin' donuts, gets face full of iced coffee

KAREN SAYS "DO NOT CLICK" - https://amzn.to/327NwOp Entitled Karen yells at a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru employee and instead gets iced coffee thrown at her f...

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Woman wants half of $100K donated to Starbucks barista

She posted a photo of a barista who asked her to wear a mask, then $100,000 was donated to that barista. Now, she wants half of that.

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Woman Who Called Police On Black Bird-Watcher In Central Park To Be Charged

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office says it is initiating a prosecution of Amy Cooper over false reporting of an incident. In a cellphone video, she claimed a Black man was threatening her.

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Trader Joe's Shopper Caught On Camera Ranting, Calling People 'Democratic Pigs' After Being Told To Wear A Mask

A shopper at a North Hollywood Trader Joe's was filmed having an angry outburst after being told to wear a mask inside the store.

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Florida's Anti-Maskers Are Taking a Stand | NowThis

‘I don’t wear a mask for the same reason I don’t wear underwear: Things gotta breathe.’ — Anti-maskers in Florida are warning of satanism, pedophilia, and ev...

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PHOENIX 'KAREN' SLAPPED ACROSS THE FACE ... After Racist Rant all credit & source goes to www.tmz.com

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White Woman Harasses Latinx Family at Park | NowThis

‘F*ck this music. It sucks. You’re in America.’ — This Trump supporter berated a Latinx family for playing music while barbecuing in a park. » Subscribe to N...

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Amy Cooper: White woman has been fired after calling police on a black man in Central Park - CNN

A white woman has apologized for calling police on a black man bird-watching in Central Park on Monday morning after the two argued about her unleashed dog.