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Climate czar nominee John Kerry under fire for private jet use

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has come under fire for his apparently luxurious lifestyle of yachts and using a private plane, which some have argued is hypocritical for a public official advancing climate reforms.

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President Trump Calls for Prosecution of John Kerry

In answering questions about Iran, President Trump clearly calls out John Kerry for going against US law in advising Iran.

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10 Lies Secretary of State Kerry Told During His Big Middle East Peace Speech

On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech on his proposed plan for peace between Israelis and Arabs. His plan: blame the Jews, pretend that Palestinian terrorism and incitement isn’t representative of the actual Palestinian government, a

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Iran detains 10 US sailors after vessels stopped in the Gulf - BBC News

Iran has detained several US sailors after their vessels were stopped in the Gulf, a US official told the BBC.

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Team Obama winks at incitement against Israelis

Does Team Obama want more Palestinian attacks on Israelis? Secretary of State John Kerry sure gives that impression. Wednesday saw more bloodletting: An Arab stabbed a 70-year-old woman as she boar...

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AP, NY Times Fail to Report Absence of Power, Kerry From Netanyahu UN Speech

On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the United Nations. As described by George Jahn at the Associated Press, it was

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Vet TEARS APART Iran Deal: Obama Is ‘Selling Out The Country’ [VIDEO]

Recalling the Iranian bomb that cut through his armored vehicle in Iraq in 2005, “my scars are the direct result of Iran,” says Sgt. Robert Bartlett.

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Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel | New York Post

While Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama do their best to paper over the brutality of the Iranian regime and force through a nuclear agreement, Iran’s religious leader...

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Kerry Admits He 'Can't Vouch For' Iran's Compliance with Deal

US Sec. of State says that despite signing of nuclear deal with Iran, a long road lies ahead; 'it's the implementation that matters.'

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Cotton Letter Smokes Out Dangerous Concession to Iran

Using Security Council to achieve

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John Kerry | Iran | Joint Plan of Action | Nuclear

John Kerry criticizes critics of his negotiations with Iran for not knowing the details of the deal. His critics however have seen how he negotiates.

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Kerry Blames Israel For Rise of ISIS

Thursday’s claim by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that lack of “progress” in the Israel-Palestinian peace process is helping fuel the rise of ISIS continues to reverberate both in Israel and the Middle East.

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Analysis: Kerry, Obama to Blame for Kidnapping of IDF Soldier

While the immediate blame for the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin Friday morning, a mere 90 minutes into a humanitarian ceasefire, lies with Hamas, the responsibility must also be shared by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Oba