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The Way to Stronger Knees

The knee does tonnes of work, literally. And to do that work, it needs us to use it properly and keep it properly fed.

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Amazing Sleep Pillow Supports Knees, Back, and Hips to Alleviate Pain

We have a passion for simple, comfortable living while being focused on sustainable and earth-friendly practices.

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Slideshow: Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain

Learn exercises to relieve knee osteoarthritis pain and stiffness from this WebMD slideshow. Photographs illustrate moves to strengthen the knee and help prevent knee injury.

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Pictures: Knee Pain Dos and Don’ts

Your knees go through a lot in the course of a day, and sometimes they can run into trouble. Here are a few things from WebMD you can do when knee pain hits.

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Slideshow: Exercises to Help Knee Pain in Pictures

Getting over a knee injury? WebMD shows you moves that can help make you stronger, so you're less likely to get re-injured.

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Making Flat Feet Into Arched Feet

Growing up as Esther’s third child, I was lucky to have been brought up with my posture (almost entirely) intact. The weak spot was my feet. Despite Esther’s encouragement (and sometimes nagging) to wear healthy shoes and sandals, I was pulled by the

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Pictures of Knee Pain Causes, Why Knees Hurt

Your knees have lots of parts, and you use them a lot, so there's plenty that could go wrong. Learn about common things that can cause knee pain.