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WATCH: Israel Treats Critically Ill Kurdish Children

WATCH: Israel Treats Critically IllKurdish Children h/t unitedwithisrael.org Israel steps in to provide lifesaving treatment to Kurdish children, whose people have come under attack by Turkish thug Recep Erdogan. Denied a homeland of their own by brutal d

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US-Turkey Tie-Up Important to Stabilize Multi-Faceted Conflict in Syria: Insider

The US and Turkey have not been friends but an insider says the arising geopolitical situation in Syria has pushed both the NATO allies to collaborate.

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Netanyahu Promises Aid To Kurds. Miss Iraq: That's Why I Stand With Israel

On Thursday, Sarai Idan, who was Miss Iraq, lauded Israel for its commitment to help the Kurdish people in the face of what Turkish dictator Recip Erdogan’s brutal assault on them. Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted Thursday morning, “Israe

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Withdrawal From Syria Is Right, But We Mustn't Abandon Kurds

Commentary President Donald Trump recently decided to withdraw all U.S. military presence from the Syrian theater of operations. ...

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Martel: in John Bolton, Kurds Finally Get an Ally in the Trump Administration | Breitbart

The announcement Thursday night that former UN Ambassador John Bolton would replace Gen. H.R. McMaster as President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor confirms the arrival of a new, distinctive voice in the Trump administration.

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ISIS subjects Yazidi women to 'rape, sex slavery' - CNN.com

ISIS is brazen about enslaving Yazidi women. One teen describes how her dreams of becoming a doctor lie in ruins after her brutal treatment.

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Report: ISIS Captures, Beheads Kurdish Female Fighter 'Rehana' in Kobane

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) reportedly beheaded a famous female Kurdish freedom fighter known only as

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What Happened When Wisconsin Man Jordan Matson Decided To Take On ISIS

DERIKE, Syria (RNS) Like many Americans, Jordan Matson is outraged by the brutality of the Islamic State. But unlike virtually every other American, he decided to take on the militants head-on. Now, the 28-year-old Racine, Wis., man is recovering ...

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Kurds Join Pro-Israel, Anti-Hamas Protest Outside White House (VIDEO) | Jewish &

A group of Kurds joined a pro-Israel demonstration outside the White House on Saturday to show solidarity and denounce Gaza-based terror group Hamas. The protesters chanted “No Hamas, no war,” “Down, down Hamas,” “Long live Israel” and “Long