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Sweet Potato Latkes | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

These Sweet Potato Latkes are a healthier, gluten-free version of classic potato latkes. They’re made with shredded sweet potato, flavored with onions and scallions, and fried to crispy perfection!

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It’s Not All Latkes & Dreidels | Jlife

Hanukkah is more than eating a bounty of latkes and donuts, spinning dreidels, and watching cartoon Adam Sandler sing 8 Crazy Nights. Each year friends whip out the “Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters,” double-fisting gelt and gefilte into their mouths while lighting candles, unsure if the menorah should ignite from the left or the right

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Avoid Soggy Latkes with these tips! - Bon Appétit

Nobody likes a soggy latke. And yet, a perfectly crunchy, crispy, golden-brown potato pancake is hard to master. In the video below, Dawn Perry, Bon Appétit digital food editor walks us through the process for picture-perfect latkes.