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Laid Off By Email | Workplace Coach Blog

Laid off by email: it happens a lot. Seniority doesn't matter to many employers. Protect yourself by performance and possessing needed skills.

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Employers are Hiring and Laying Off at the Same Time | Workplace Coach Blog

50% of employers are planning layoffs, yet many are hiring at the same time; here's whose laying off employees

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Are We Headed Into A Recession Or Not? The Answer May Surprise | Workplace Coach Blog

Are we headed into a recession or not? The answer may surprise...because the indicators don't mean what they once did.

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I Was Laid Off; Now That My Employer is Hiring Do I Get My Job Back? - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: My employer laid me off due to COVID-19 in April. The job scene is a disaster. I get up …

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Being Laid Off Hurts, But It's Not the End of the World | Emma Goddard

It took me longer to find a job than it did to hold one. That was the first thought I had when I learned my company decided to shut down U.S. operations just six months after I started my first full-time position.