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Laid Off By Email | Workplace Coach Blog

Laid off by email: it happens a lot. Seniority doesn't matter to many employers. Protect yourself by performance and possessing needed skills.

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Employers are Hiring and Laying Off at the Same Time | Workplace Coach Blog

50% of employers are planning layoffs, yet many are hiring at the same time; here's whose laying off employees

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Are We Headed Into A Recession Or Not? The Answer May Surprise | Workplace Coach Blog

Are we headed into a recession or not? The answer may surprise...because the indicators don't mean what they once did.

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Laying Off Employees Who Don’t Expect It: consider the alternatives & don’t destroy morale | Workplace Coach Blog

Laying off employees who don't expect it: consider the alternatives; how to do it without destroying morale

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My Employer's Shenanigans Cost Me My Job - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: After coronavirus hit, my employer changed a dozen of us to contractor status. None of us understood why or …

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

How to Make Layoffs with Heart: Three Questions | Workplace Coach Blog

Join Dr. Lynne Curry as she helps three different people understand how to make layoffs with heart.

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Loot Crate became the nation's fastest-growing start-up, then it laid off over a quarter of its staff

Loot Crate Chief Executive Chris Davis now says he may have done what seemed unthinkable: grown the company too fast.