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Levi's Use of AI to 'Increase Diversity' is Wildly Tone-Deaf

Last week, Levi Strauss was heavily criticized for its decision to start using digital models generated by artificial intelligence (AI) instead of using

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How I was bullied out of Levi's by the intolerant woke mob

After all these years, the company I love has lost sight of the values that made people everywhere want to wear Levi’s.

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The Mad Scientists of Levi’s - The New York Times

Before a new line of Levi’s bluejeans appears in a store, Bart Sights and his team at the Eureka Lab have worked it over but good.

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How Levi's 501s Maintain Their Iconic Status: The Daily Details

ou own a pair of Levi's. So do I. So do all your friends. That's fine. But here's the thing. Your parents probably own a pair of Levi's jeans—or at least have in their lifetime. And your grandparents? Yeah, they did, too. The thing about the American denim brand isn't that it's so well-known and well-loved today, it's that we're merely the latest generation to be exposed to the brand, to embrace it.