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PODCAST | Lies, Damn Lies & Joe Biden

Listen now (28 min) | Before we get to this morning's segment of The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I need to make a comment about the State of the Union Address and Joe Biden's performance, specifically the response that t

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Fact check: Biden makes false and misleading claims in economic speech - CNNPolitics

President Joe Biden delivered a Thursday speech to hail economic progress during his administration and to attack congressional Republicans for their proposals on the economy and the social safety net.

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Can a pathological liar be cured? with Drew Curtis, PhD, and Christian L. Hart, PhD

Drew Curtis, PhD, and Christian L. Hart, PhD, talk about what drives “big liars” to lie, why they believe pathological lying should be classified as a mental health disorder, and how you can recognize lies and protect yourself from being duped.