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Every subscription you can cancel by going to the library | Popular Science

From movies to audiobooks: Your local library is a low-key, all-in-one entertainment destination.

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Steve Kramer – In this time of strife, Israel’s new National Library opens ahead of schedule

Steve Kramer – In this time of strife, Israel’s new National Library opens ahead of schedule “Under the shadow of the horrors of October 7, 2023, and the war, the National Library of Israel made the decision to open its new home to readers a

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In Santa Monica, California, a Haven for the Homeless Seeks to Do More | Healthiest Communities | US News

The city of Santa Monica – and its librarians – are on the front lines of the homelessness crisis in Southern California.

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Little Free Library: Neighborhood Book Exchange

The big idea behind the Little libraries is encouraging neighborhood interaction by sharing resources.

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Little Free Libraries on the wrong side of the law

Crime, homelessness and crumbling infrastructure are still a problem in almost every part of America, but two cities have recently cracked down on one of the country's biggest problems: small community libraries where residents can share books.

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10 Books Chicago Librarians Want You To Read

This is the first year the library has put out a "best-of" list geared toward adult readers.

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How One Man Ripped Off Millions in Rare Maps, Including in Chicago

Michael Blanding's book "The Map Thief" describes E. Forbes Smiley III's pilfering at Newberry Library.

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Newberry Library Book Fair 2014 and Bughouse Square Debates

The 30th annual Newberry Library Book Fair kicks off tomorrow, Thursday July 24th at noon through Sunday, July 27th.  Chicago’s favorite book sale features more that 120,000 used books in over 70 categories from cookbooks to collectibles–most