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Antisemites Convince Long Beach City Council to Vote for a Ceasefire in Gaza

 Apparently, on Tuesday night, pro-Hamas activists spoke at a six-hour city council meeting in Long Beach, California, ending with the council voting for the city to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

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Things To Do This Weekend in L.A. (5-19-2023 to 5-21-2023)

For May 19-21 in Los Angeles, you'll find Salsa Night at Ivy Station, Beach Streets and LB Proud! Fest in Long Beach, CicLAmini in Watts, Museums of the Arroyo Day, Pick Pico Festival, NHM's Bug Fair, a Macabre Masquerade, Off the 405 at The Get

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End Of An Era: Family Of Famed SoCal Car Dealer Cal Worthington Selling Last Dealership

Family of famed car dealer Cal Worthington is in the process of closing a deal to sell their last car dealership, ending an era.

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The Best Gondola Ride In Southern California Is This Canal Adventure

If you're wishing for a romantic getaway to Italy, there's no need to buy a ticket. Enjoy the best gondola ride in Southern California.

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Long Beach—the coastal city where Los Angeles County meets Orange County.

Long Beach—the coastal city where Los Angeles County meets Orange County.

Birthplace to Snoop Dogg and Frank Ocean, and home to many of Los Angeles' beloved local businesses that contributes to its busy dining and shopping scene, Long Beach is truly a g

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The Queen Mary in Long Beach in danger of capsizing if vessel isn't repaired soon

A new report shows the Queen Mary is in urgent need of repairs, and if it's not done in the next two years, the historic vessel might even capsize.

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Long Beach Democrats Mandate 'Hero Pay' Wage Increase, Which Promptly Forces Two Grocery Stores to Close

Performance art as governance strikes again. This one isn’t as deadly as “defund the police,” but it’s every bit as unmoored from reality....

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Tijuana Panthers are fierce

Everyone in the Long Beach-based band—Daniel Michicoff on bass, Phil Shaheen on drums and Chad Wachtel on guitar—has been playing music in one form or another for half their lives, but the trio didn’t form Tijuana Panthers until the mid-2000s.

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California State University To Move ‘Prospector Pete’ Statute Due To Gold Rush’s Impact On Indigenous People

Classes have only been in session a few weeks and already we’re back to demands to change campuses because decades-old buildings or statues now represent oppression.