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Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo Calls For a Halt in the Use of COVID-19 mRNA Shots › American Greatness

On Wednesday, Florida Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo called for a complete halt in the use of COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines” due to DNA contaminants in the products…

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Alex Berenson: The mRNA Vaccines Are Dangerous and Should Be Halted Immediately

Independent journalist Alex Berenson is calling for the mRNA vaccines to be halted immediately amid data that clearly shows negative efficacy in highly…

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Covid Vaccines: AN URGENT WARNING - by Alex Berenson

The world's most mRNA vaccinated countries now have shockingly high Covid infection rates. Hospitalizations and deaths are rising fast too. The mRNA experiment needs to stop. Immediately.

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New Vaccine Study Suggests mRNA Vaccines Actually Increase Probability of Being Infected With Omicron After 90 Days

We certainly know the vaccines are nowhere near as effective as they claim, but could they put you at a higher risk of infection with Omicron? This data says yes.