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Omicron and the Supervisor as Duct Tape | Workplace Coach Blog

Omicron hits the workplace and supervisors have to duct tape the workplace together

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The Competent Jerk: Managing a Top Performer Who Alienates His Coworkers - Workplace Coach Blog

Managing the competent jerk, getting him to change

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My Manager Wants Me to Compromise My Ethics - Workplace Coach Blog

When your manager wants you to do the wrong thing, how do you keep your job?

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I've Been Told Never To Fire An Employee On A Friday; But I Really, Really Want to - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I’ve been told to never to fire an employee on Friday, but I really don’t want this employee back …

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Be a Coach, Not a Supervisor; Here's What It Takes - Workplace Coach Blog

Be a coach, not a supervisor What’s the difference between coaching and supervising? Most of us value those who coach …

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Managing a Team When You Have No Firing Authority - Workplace Coach Blog

Question: I supervise 15 employees, the largest crew in our company. I’m expected to handle employees who don’t show up …