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Marie Harf promoted to senior advisor, will focus on negotiations with Iran

These negotiations call for some high-level hashtag diplomacy.

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'Open Confusion' at State Department as Marie Harf Tries to Walk Back Obama's Zero Breakout Time Admission (VIDEO) | Jew

“Open confusion” reigned today at the State Department after spokeswoman Marie Harf tried to withdraw a quote from President Barack Obama regarding Iran’s nuclear breakout time, advocacy group The Israel Project said. In the interview with NPR’s S

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US State department questions Netanyahu's 'sincerity' after apology - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu tries to make amends with the Arab sector for Election Day comments warning right-wing voters that Israeli Arabs were voting en masse.

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Fighting Terrorism with Social Justice | FrontPage Magazine

State Department spokesperson Marie Harf became the target of much ridicule last week when she inanely suggested that we can combat Islamic terrorism through job creation. But the concept makes perfect sense to an administration that considers the solution to every issue, including “violent extremism,” to be “social justice.”

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Marie Harf: I’m “too nuanced” for you | Power Line

Wolf Blitzer invited Marie Harf on CNN's Situation Room this afternoon. Blitzer sought her out to expand on her remarks on the administration's approach to dealing with the Islamic State terrorists...

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Don’t look now State Dept.’s Marie Harf, you are being schooled! (Her latest idiocy is enraging) [photos] | Twitchy

State Dept. sets its laser-like focus on ... (Hint: Not ISIS)